Division of Population Health

The Division of Population Health is dedicated to improving the health of the public by developing, testing, evaluating, and implementing effective behavioral health interventions across the entire spectrum of health care delivery.

Main Challenge

Although there are numerous effective treatments for psychiatric disorders, these treatments often do not reach the patients who need them. It can take too long to find the treatment that is most effective, and it can take too long for newly developed evidence-based treatments to be adopted and incorporated into routine care.

Our Approach

  • We discover innovative approaches to providing effective behavioral health care to defined populations.
  • We use large data sets to establish benchmarks for treatment outcomes and to study variation across patients, providers, practice and policy.
  • We create knowledge transfer and practice-based learning through implementation work that drives new research questions and research results that drive new implementation methodology.

Mindy Vredevoogd
Assistant Director for Research & Evaluation, Division of Population Health