Grand Rounds archive

Clinician Scientist Training Program
Presented by: Yanni Chang, MD, MPH; Daniel Fisher, MD, PhD; Adam Ketron, MD, PhD; and Nicola Park, MD
Date: 6/7/2024

Addressing Substance Use in a Meaningful Way: A Multimodal Approach to Improve the Care of those Who Use Drugs
Presented by: Jonathan Buchholz, MD
Date: 5/31/2024

Reducing Duration of Untreated Psychosis (DUP) in a US Community: the Mindmap Study
Presented by: Vinod Srihari, MD
Date: 5/17/2024

Neuroscience and Genetic Approaches to Understand PTSD
Presented by: Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD
Date: 5/3/2024

A Quality Future For Psychiatry Residency Training: Are We There Yet?
Presented by: Jacqueline A. Hobbs, MD, PhD, DFAPA, CMQ
Date: 4/19/2024

Person-Level Risk Prediction of Bipolar Disorder in Youth
Presented by: Danella Hafeman, MD, PhD
Date: 4/5/2024

Community Partnerships For Transforming Mental Health Disparities Experienced by Minoritized Youth and Their Communities
Presented by: Lisa Fortuna, MD, MPH
Date: 3/22/2024

What Providers Need To Know About Cannabis: Intervention, Products and Potency, and Psychosis Risk
Presented by: Denise Walker PhD
Date: 3/8/2024

Crisis System Integration and Improvement: Opportunities and Challenges
Presented by: Mark Snowden, MD, MPH and Matthew Goldman, MD, MS, FAPA
Date: 3/1/2024

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council Racial Justice Learning Collaborative: Building a Sustained, Action-Oriented Intervention
Presented by: Rachel Talley M.D. and Mary Anne Albaugh M.D., DLFAPA
Date: 2/16/2024

Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Psychiatry
Presented by: Rebecca Brendel MD, JD, DFAPA
Date: 2/09/2024

Managing Complexity: Improving Outcomes Through Integrated Care in Low Resource Settings
Presented by: Lydia Chwastiak, MD MPH
Date: 2/02/2024

Community-Engaged Drug Education, Epidemiology & Research in WA State
Presented by: Caleb Banta-Green Ph.D. MPH MSW
Date: 1/26/2024

Agitation Is Not a Disease: Managing People With Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in 2024
Presented by: Helen Kales, MD
Date: 1/19/2024

Empowering and Celebrating the Mental Well-Being of Older Latinos Through Prevention and Health Promotion
Presented by: Daniel Jimenez, Ph.D.
Date: 1/12/2024

Bringing Borderline Personality Disorder Into the Fold of Usual Care
Presented by: Lois W. Choi-Kain M.D. M.Ed.
Date: 12/08/2023

Ten Years of Working “SMARTer” to Support Student, Family, and School Mental Health
Presented by: Aaron Lyon, Ph.D. and Jill Locke, Ph.D.
Date: 12/01/2023

Managing Clinical Complexity in 2023: Trends in Depression Management
Presented by: Eric J. Lenze, MD
Date: 11/17/2023

Moral Injury in Medicine: Reframing, and Repair
Presented by: Wendy Dean, MD
Date: 11/03/2023

Can We Predict The Future of Psychiatry?
Presented by: Benoit H. Mulsant, MD, MS, FRCPC
Date: 10/27/2023

Developing Hospital-Based Care and Education With Community Partners
Presented by: Adriana Bobinchock, Scott O’Brien, and Scott Rauch, MD
Date: 10/20/2023

Cigarettes and Vaping: Smoking Causes More Morbidity and Mortality Than Alcohol and All Other Drugs Combined
Presented by: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH
Date: 10/06/2023

Bipolar Disorder in Older Adults: Assessment and Management
Presented by: Erica Garcia-Pittman, MD
Date: 09/29/2023

Adopting a Lifespan Approach to ADHD Management
Presented by: Douglas Russell, MD
Date: 09/22/2023

Collaborations Fostering Precision Medicine and Health Care Delivery in Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression
Presented by: Mark Frye, MD
Date: 06/08/2023

Community-Engaged Mental Health Policymaking: Science, Design, Practice
Presented by: Sarah Walker, PhD
Date: 06/02/2023

Advancing Behavioral Health Innovation: An Overview of the UW Behavioral Health Institute at Harborview Medical Center
Presented by: Susan McLaughlin, PhD and Melody McKee, MS, SUDP
Date: 05/19/2023

Preparing for Population Health Psychiatry: Integrated Care Training and Approaches to Improve Quality of the Curriculum
Presented by: Ramanpreet Toor, MD
Date: 05/12/2023

Toward a Rational Approach to Benzodiazepine Prescribing
Presented by: Matthew Hirschtritt, MD, MPH
Date: 04/28/2023

Organized Advocacy and Education for Mental Illness
Presented by: Thomas Soeprono, MD
Date: 04/21/2023

Inside the FDA: A Clinician’s Guide to the Drug Approval Process
Presented by: Tiffany Farchione, MD
Date: 04/07/2023

Neuroscience Updates: Weill Neurohub, Training Opportunities, and Research
Presented by: Tom Daniel PhD, Susan Ferguson PhD, and John Neumaier MD PhD
Date: 03/17/2023

Latinx/Hispanic Mental Health: Working With Diverse Backgrounds & Intersecting Identities
Presented by: Pamela Montano Arteaga, MD
Date: 03/03/2023

Complex Persistent Symptoms After COVID: A Model for Understanding the Relationships Between Psychiatric & Somatic Symptoms, and the Role of Prior Stress and Trauma
Presented by: John Oakley MD and Rebecca Hendrickson MD PhD
Date: 02/17/2023

Innovations in Improving Inpatient Care: An Integrative Medicine Consultation Service
Presented by: Madeleine Becker, MD
Date: 02/10/2023

Psychiatric Aspects of COVID-19 in the Emergency Setting
Presented by: Junji Takeshita, MD
Date: 01/20/2023

How PGD Got Into DSM-5-TR, a Theory of Adjustment to Loss, and Treatment Implications
Presented by: Holly Prigerson, PhD
Date: 01/06/2023

Resynthesizing the Nexus of Mental Health Crises, Law Enforcement and Race
Presented by: Cheryl Wills, MD
Date: 12/09/2022

Emerging Insights Into the Links Between Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Sleep and Cognitive Decline
Presented by: Jeff Iliff, PhD
Date: 12/02/2022

Global Local and African Mental Health
Presented by: David Henderson, MD
Date: 11/18/2022

Population-based Outreach to Prevent Suicidal Behavior Among Outpatients Reporting Frequent Suicidal Ideation: Where do we go from here?
Presented by: Gregory Simon, MD MPH
Date: 10/28/2022

Microaggressions: Bringing Nuance and Science to the Discussion
Presented by: Jonathan Kanter, PhD
Date: 10/21/2022

Mental Health in Athletes
Presented by: Claudia Reardon, MD
Date: 10/07/2022

Primary Sexual Dysfunctions and Sexual Dysfunction Associated with Psychiatric Illness and Treatment
Presented by: Anita Clayton, MD
Date: 09/23/2022

Strategies for Preventing Suicide: Evidence Into Practice
Presented by: Christine Moutier, MD
Date: 09/16/2022

It Is Never Too Late: How the Parent-Child Assistance Program Intervenes Effectively With Pregnant and Parenting Mothers With At-Risk Substance Use
Presented by: Therese Grant, PhD and Susan Stoner, PhD
Date: 06/10/2022

National Crisis Regarding Competency to Stand Trial: Impact on Public Sector Mental Health Services
Presented by: Ira Packer, PhD
Date: 06/03/2022

Behavioral Health Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland: Training First Responders and School Staff on the Health Support Team Model
Presented by: Eric Bruns, PhD, Kira Mauseth, PhD, and Tona McGuire, PhD
Date: 05/27/2022

Catching Up on Cannabis Science
Presented by: Jason Kilmer, PhD and Nephi Stella, PhD
Date: 05/20/2022

Clinical and Translational Studies in Early Psychosis
Presented by: Dost Öngür MD PhD
Date: 05/13/2022

Under the Hood: Tracking Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease with Biomarkers
Presented by: Thomas Grabowski, MD
Date: 05/06/2022

A Modern Psychiatrist in Search of Soul
Presented by: David Kopacz, MD
Date: 04/29/2022

Effective Treatment of Chronic Insomnia in Older Adults
Presented by: Michael Vitiello, PhD
Date: 04/22/2022

Help Wanted: Pragmatic Methods for Brief Intervention Training and Quality Assessment AI Inquire Within
Presented by: Doyanne Darnell, PhD
Date: 04/08/2022

Rethinking the Provision of Mental Health Services
Presented by: Tatiana Salisbury PhD
Date: 04/01/2022

Impact Journalism: Stories That Create Change
Presented by: Hannah Furfaro and Diana Samuels
Date: 03/25/2022

Adolescent Depression
Presented by: Leslie Miller MD
Date: 03/11/2022

UW Psychiatry and Addiction Case Conference
Presented by: Mark Duncan, MD
Date: 03/04/2022

Electroconvulsive Therapy: Role, Uses, and Future Directions
Presented by: Randall Espinoza MD MPH
Date: 02/25/2022

The Geriatric Mental Health Workforce: A Review of Present and Future Directions
Presented by: Lucy Wang, MD
Date: 02/18/2022

Prevention in Psychiatry – The Case for Perinatal Mental Health
Presented by: Amritha Bhat MBBS, MD, MPH
Date: 02/11/2022

Improving Delivery of Mental Health Care to Older Adults
Presented by: Jo Anne Sirey, PhD
Date: 01/28/2022

Primary Care-Mental Health Services Research in the VA: What do we know? Where do we go?
Presented by: Charles C. Engel, MD, MPH
Date: 01/21/2022

The Gut Microbiome Immune Connection
Presented by: Emeran A. Mayer, MD
Date: 01/14/2022

Adjunctive BRIGHT LIGHT THERAPY in the Management of Bipolar Depression
Presented by: Dorothy Sit, MD
Date: 01/07/2022

Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care: Research and Clinical Updates
Presented by: Joseph Cerimele MD MPH
Date: 12/17/2021

School Shooters: Tormented Teens or Cold Blooded Killers?
Presented by: Phillip Resnick MD
Date: 12/10/2021

Implementing a Youth Lay Counselor Program in Botswana: Lessons from the Field
Presented by: Merrian Brooks, DO, MS
Date: 12/03/2021

Partnering With Tribal Communities to Promote Well-being & Decrease Opioid Overdose Deaths
Presented by: Breanna Greenfield, PhD, Clinton Alexander, Heidi Goodwin
Date: 11/19/2021

Intersections: Racism, Healthcare and Wellness
Presented by: Benjamin Danielson, MD
Date: 11/05/2021

Partnering with Black Churches to Promote Mental Health Equity
Presented by: Sidney Hankerson, MD
Date: 10/29/2021

Leveraging Predictive Brain Imaging and Intranasal Oxytocin to Deliver Precision Treatment for Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
Presented by: Angela Fang, PhD
Date: 10/22/2021

Shaping the Future of UW Psychiatry: Overview of the Upcoming Virtual Psychiatry Resident Recruitment Season
Presented by: Anna Ratzliff MD PhD
Date: 10/15/2021

Psychiatric Emergency Response: Shifting from Threat Control to Treatment
Presented by: Eric Rafla-Yuan MD
Date: 10/08/2021

Psilocybin: History, Neuropharmacology, and Implications for Therapeutics
Presented by: Roland Griffiths, PhD​
Date: 10/01/2021

DSM-5 Outline for Cultural Formulation and Cultural Formulation Interview: Tools for Culturally Competent Care
Presented by: Francis Lu, MD​
Date: 06/25/2021

Re-Thinking Access: Telepsychiatry Use in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry as a Means of Patient Engagement
Presented by: Priya Gopalan MD​
Date: 06/18/2021

Moving Upstream to Address Psychosis Earlier: A Snapshot of First Episode Psychosis Treatment and Innovation Within Harborview Medical Center and UW Medicine
Presented by: Maria Monroe-DeVita, PhD, Christine Curry, MD, Nami Bhatt, LMHC, Lydia Chwastiak, MD, MPH and Sarah Kopelovich, PhD​
Date: 06/11/2021

Psychology and Psychiatry Training Programs: Where We Are and What the Future Holds
Presented by: Anna Ratzliff, MD, PhD, and Ty Lostutter, PhD
Date: 06/04/2021

Physician Wellbeing, Crisis and System Change
Presented by: Richard Summers, MD
Date: 05/21/2021

Persistent Depressive Disorder (Chronic Depression) and CBASP
Presented by: James McCullough, PhD
Date: 05/14/2021

Low-Intensity CBT: Driving Revolution in Mental Health Care
Presented by: Paul Farrand, PhD
Date: 05/07/2021

Integrated Behavioral Health Care Policy: Current Landscape and Future Priorities
Presented by: Beth McGinty, PhD
Date: 04/30/2021

Competence to Stand Trial and Civil Commitment: Are they related?
Presented by: Debra Pinals MD
Date: 04/23/2021

A Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Educational Journey: Shifting the Curve
Presented by: Jacqueline Hobbs, MD
Date: 04/09/2021

Center for Suicide Prevention and Recovery
Presented by: Kate Comtois, PhD
Date: 04/02/2021

Managing Common Symptoms
Presented by: Kurt Kroenke MD
Date: 03/26/2021

Redesigning Mental Health Care Delivery in Central Texas: Emerging from a New Hospital
Presented by: Steven Strakowski, MD
Date: 03/19/2021

Clinical approach to Adult ADHD
Presented by: Margaret Spottswood MD MPH
Date: 03/12/2021

Moving Mental Health up the Global Agenda: New opportunities for implementation
Presented by: Pamela Collins, MD
Date: 02/26/2021

Dementia: Past and Future
Presented by: Tia Powell MD
Date: 2/12/21

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI): Programs and research projects that help individuals and communities affected by substance use and addiction
Presented by: Susan Ferguson, PhD, Caleb Banta-Green, PhD, MPH, MSW, Mary Hatch-Maillette, PhD and Bryan Hartzler, PhD
Date: 2/5/2021

Rolling Out Screening and Intervention for PTSD & Related Comorbidity for US Trauma Care Systems: Effectiveness and Implementation Results
Presented by: Doug Zatzick, MD
Date: 1/29/2021

How will the Traumas of Covid-19 Affect Us in the Long Term? Initial Results from a Longitudinal Study of Health Care Workers and First Responders
Presented by: Rebecca Hendrickson, MD, PhD
Date: 1/22/21

Characterizing the Psychosis-Risk State: Outcomes, Culture and Neuroimaging
Presented by: Daniel Mamah, MD
Date: 1/8/21

Perinatal Mood Disorders
Presented by: Marlene Freeman, MD
Date: 12/18/2020

LIFE-DM: An Integrated Depression and Livelihood Program for Women in Vietnam
Presented by: Victoria Ngo, PhD
Date: 12/11/20

Pharmacogenetics of Depression Care
Presented by: David Oslin, MD
Date: 12/4/20

Introducing the Center for Mental Health, Policy, and the Law
Presented by: Jennifer Piel, MD, JD
Date: 11/20/20

Stress and Depression among Training Physicians: Insights from the Intern Health Study
Presented by: Srijan Sen, MD, PhD
Date: 11/6/2020

Antibody-based strategies to treat substance use disorders and prevent overdose
Sponsored by the Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions
Presented by: Marco Pravetoni, PhD
Date: 10/30/2020

* For information on this presentation, please contact the department at

Rapid transition to telepsychiatry in an busy outpatient clinic: what has worked, what hasn’t, and how the experience will shape our delivery of care in the future
Presented by: Amanda Focht, MD
Date: 10/16/2020

Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR): Context, Overview, and Assessment (Part 1 and Part 2)
Presented by: Kristen Lindgren, Michele Bedard-Gilligan, and Emily Dworkin
Date: 10/2/2020 (Part 1)
Date: 10/9/2020 (Part 2)

Perinatal Mood Disorders
Presented by: Marlene Freeman, MD
Date: 12/18/2020

LIFE-DM: An Integrated Depression and Livelihood Program for Women in Vietnam
Presented by: Victoria Ngo, PhD
Date: 12/11/20

Pharmacogenetics of Depression Care
Presented by: David Oslin, MD
Date: 12/4/20

Introducing the Center for Mental Health, Policy, and the Law
Presented by: Jennifer Piel, MD, JD
Date: 11/20/20

Stress and Depression among Training Physicians: Insights from the Intern Health Study
Presented by: Srijan Sen, MD, PhD
Date: 11/6/2020

Antibody-based strategies to treat substance use disorders and prevent overdose
Sponsored by the Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions
Presented by: Marco Pravetoni, PhD
Date: 10/30/2020

* For information on this presentation, please contact the department at

Rapid transition to telepsychiatry in an busy outpatient clinic: what has worked, what hasn’t, and how the experience will shape our delivery of care in the future
Presented by: Amanda Focht, MD
Date: 10/16/2020

Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR): Context, Overview, and Assessment (Part 1 and Part 2)
Presented by: Kristen Lindgren, Michele Bedard-Gilligan, and Emily Dworkin
Date: 10/2/2020 (Part 1)
Date: 10/9/2020 (Part 2)

Defining and Mining Translational Targets for Addiction
Presented by: Kathryn Cunningham, PhD
Date: 2/28/2020

Culture Matters: using community-based participatory research approaches to culturally adapt evidence-based interventions in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
Presented by: Myra Parker, PhD, JD, MPH
Date: 2/7/2020

Early psychosis treatment: How did we get here & where are we going?
Presented by: Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH
Date: 11/17/2017

Pharmacologic treatment of Schizophrenia: How far have we come?
Presented by: John M. Kane, MD
Date: 11/3/2017

Is primary care behavioral health integration integrated?
Presented by: Rodger Kessler, PhD, ABPP
Date: 9/22/2017

Improving systems that deliver mental health services: data, directives, decisions, & incentives
Presented by: Michael C. Freed, PhD, EMT-B
Date: 9/1/2017

Cognitive behavioral therapy restores prefrontal cortex activity and connectivity across major Depression and PTSD: evidence from longitudinal fMRI Studies
Presented by: Yvette I. Sheline, MD
Date: 8/25/2017

A clinical trial, a suicide and a cover-up
Presented by: Carl Elliott, MD, PhD
Date: 7/7/2017

My smartphone can do…what? mHealth and the future of mental health care
Presented by: Dror Ben-Zeev, PhD
Date: 6/30/2017

Improving healthcare delivery: organizing the system through individual efforts
Presented by: Carlos A. Pellegrini, MD
Date: 6/2/2017

Depression – population approach to health (Depression PATH)
Presented by: Denise Chang, MD
Date: 6/2/2017

Mapping the neural circuits that regulate drug addiction
Presented by: Susan Ferguson, PhD
Date: 4/28/2017

From research to action: using science to inform maternal mental health-related public policy
Presented by: Nancy Byatt, DO, MS, MBA, FAPM
Date: 2/10/2017

Mental illness, mass shootings, and the politics of American firearms
Presented by: Jonathan M. Metzl, MD, PhD
Date: 1/13/2017

*For information on this presentation, please contact the department at

Older veterans with PTSD and cognitive concerns: risk of Dementia and clinical care strategies
Presented by: Emily Trittschuh, PhD
Date: 1/6/2017

Transforming healthcare and community health using patient-centered research
Presented by: Gray Norquist, MD, MSPH
Date: 12/2/2016

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments for Major Depressive Disorder
Presented by: David A. Harrison, MD, PhD
Date: 11/4/2016

Modifiable risk factors for Dementia prevention
Presented by: Kristine Yaffe, MD
Date: 9/23/2016

What can rich countries learn from global mental health?
Presented by: Atif Rahman, MB BS, PhD
Date: 9/16/2016

Depressed mothers and their children: a public health opportunity
Presented by: Myrna M. Weissman, PhD
Date: 9/9/2016

Oscillatory neural processes underlying skill learning in the healthy and injured brain
Presented by: Dhakshin Ramanathan MD, PhD
Date: 7/29/2016

A genetics first approach to parsing the heterogeneity of Autism
Presented by: Raphael Bernier, PhD
Date: 7/1/2016

DSM-5 outline for cultural formulation and the cultural formulation interview: tools for culturally competent care
Presented by: Francis G. Lu, MD
Date: 6/10/2016

Becoming an effective, efficient and consistent educator in the inpatient psychiatric setting
Presented by: Paul Borghesani, MD, PhD
Date: 5/6/2016

Introduction to implementation science: What is it, & why should I care?
Presented by: Mark S. Bauer, MD
Date: 3/4/2016

Race, resilience, and strength’s shadow side
Presented by: Glenda Wrenn, MD, MSHP
Date: 2/5/2016

The value of mentoring: building a program to support academic success and satisfaction
Presented by: Dr. Mitchell Feldman, MD, MPhil, FACP
Date: 1/8/2016

Effects of altitude in psychiatric disease
Presented by: Stephen Thielke, MD, MPH
Date: 12/11/2015

Deep brain stimulation for mood and anxiety disorders
Presented by: Alik Widge, MD, PhD
Date: 11/06/2015

Advancing psychiatric care through population health management
Presented by: Joe Parks, MD
Date: 10/30/2015

The use of Danish nationwide registers in studies of mental health problems and comorbid physical conditions
Presented by: Anette Ribe, MD, PhD Fellow; Anders Prior, MD, PhD Fellow; Morten Fenger-Gron, MSc, PhD Fellow
Date: 09/25/2015

Behavior genetics of cognitive and brain aging
Presented by: William S. Kremen, PhD
Date: 08/28/2015

Telepsychiatry and the integration of mental health services into rural primary care settings
Presented by: John Fortney, PhD
Date: 08/07/2015

Virtual reality exposure therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Presented by: Greg M. Reger, PhD
Date: 07/10/2015

Leveraging electronic health data to improve health: big data in healthcare systems
Presented by: Kari A. Stephens, PhD
Date: 06/05/2015

Targeting function and neuroprotection with exercise in Neurodegenerative disease
Presented by: Ellen McGough, PT, PhD
Date: 04/03/2015

Genomic medicine: applications to Neuropsychiatric disorders
Presented by: Debby Tsuang, MD, MSc
Date: 03/20/2015

Update on psychotherapy for PTSD: the state of the evidence
Presented by: Paula P. Schnurr, PhD
Date: 02/20/2015

Assessing risk & protective factors for Suicide in US Army soldiers
Presented by: Michael Schoenbaum, MD
Date: 02/06/2015

No silver bullets – treatment of trauma related mental health disorders across contexts
Presented by: Debra Kaysen, PhD, ABPP
Date: 01/16/2015

PEARLS: A community based intervention for Depression treatment in older adults
Presented by: Mark Snowden, MD, MPH
Date: 01/02/2015

Blast-induce mild traumatic brain injury: the consequences of more than a decade at war
Presented by: David G. Cook, PhD
Date: 12/05/2014

Depression on social media: challenges and opportunities
Presented by: Megan A. Moreno, MD, MSEd, MPH
Date: 11/07/2014

Future directions for behavioral interventions research in the era of the NIMH RDoC
Presented by: Patricia Arean, PhD
Date: 10/24/2014

Neuromodulation in Psychiatry: deep brain stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and trigeminal nerve stimulation
Presented by: Ian A. Cook, MD
Date: 10/17/2014

CBT for Depression and medication adherence among persons living with HIV/AIDS in low-resource settings
Presented by: Jane M. Simoni, MD
Date: 10/03/2014

Artificial intelligence in mental healthcare: applications, opportunities, and implications
Presented by: David D. Luxton, PhD
Date: 09/05/2014

Familial Idiopathic Basal Ganglia Calcification (FIBGC): a dementia etiology with varied clinical phenotypes
Presented by: Emily Trittschuh, PhD
Date: 06/20/2014

Positive Psychiatry: successful aging as a model
Presented by: Dilip V. Jeste, MD
Date: 06/06/2014

Role of development and stress in adolescent Depression
Presented by: Gretchen Gudmundsen, PhD
Date: 05/16/2014

Connected: integrating technology into 21st century mental health care
Presented by: Amy M. Bauer, MD, MS
Date: 05/02/2014

Autism for the adult Psychiatrist
Presented by: Gary Stobbe, MD
Date: 04/18/2014

Taking a chance: gambling, alcohol use and mental health among diverse populations
Presented by: Ty Lostutter, PhD
Date: 04/04/2014

OMG, what are they thinking?: adolescent brain development, risk assessment, and decision-making
Presented by: Douglas S. Diekema, MD, MPH
Date: 03/21/2014

Girls in the juvenile justice system
Presented by: Sarah Cusworth Walker, PhD
Date: 03/07/2014

The social behavior of highly cognitive animals: examples from monkeys, crows, and orca
Presented by: James C. Ha, PhD
Date: 02/21/2014

Incorporating primary palliative care into serious psychiatric illness
Presented by: Caroline J. Hurd, MD
Date: 02/07/2014

Tales from the collaborative side: read world experiences of primary care consulting Psychiatrist
Presented by: Anna Ratzliff, MD, PhD
Date: 01/17/2014

Revised diagnostic criteria for substance use disorders: the DSM-5
Presented by: Andrew J. Saxon, MD
Date: 12/20/2013

Considering cannabis
Presented by: Roger Roffman, DSW
Date: 12/06/2013

HMC Psychiatry grand rounds
Presented by: Mick Oreskovich, MD, FACS
Date: 11/15/2013

The therapeutic alliance in medicine and psychiatry
Presented by: Johan Verhulst, MD
Date: 11/01/2013

Phasic dopamine signaling in a rodent model of drug addiction: neuroanatomy and individual differences
Presented by: Ingo Willuhn, PhD
Date: 10/04/2013

Circadian rhythms in childhood
Presented by: Joanna E. Wrede, MD
Date: 9/24/2013

Rewarding recovery: incentives as a treatment for drug and alcohol dependence in severely mentally ill adults
Presented by: Michael McDonell, PhD
Date: 09/20/2013

Medication-supported harm reduction for chronically homeless people with alcohol dependence
Presented by: Susan E. Collins, PhD
Date: 09/06/2013

Using integrated mental health care to leverage scarce behavioral health resources in primary care: Could This Model Work in Kenya?
Presented by: Richard C. Veith, MD
Date: 06/21/2013

Military suicide surveillance, research, and stigma
Presented by: Nancy A. Skopp, PhD
Date: 06/07/2013

Parsing the heterogeneity in ASD: from genetics to behavior
Presented by: Raphael Bernier, PhD
Date: 05/17/2013

Siri, rate my therapist
Presented by: Dave Atkins, PhD
Date: 05/03/2013

The blood-brain barrier in neurology & psychiatry
Presented by: William A. Banks, MD
Date: 04/19/2013

Considering context in the design of health behavior interventions
Presented by: Katherine D. Hoerster, PhD, MPH
Date: 04/05/2013

Biologizing addiction: race, stigma, and pharmaceutical markets
Presented by: Helena Hansen, M.D., PhD
Date: 03/15/2013

Future directions in behavioral interventions research
Presented by: Patricia A. Arean, PhD
Date: 03/08/2013

A dual-process approach to young adult alcohol use: theoretical and clinical implications
Presented by: Dana Litt, PhD
Date: 02/15/2013

Bridging the gap between research and practice: impacting college student substance use
Presented by: Jason R. Kilmer, PhD
Date: 02/01/2013

The importance of past cognitive change on brain structure and function during aging
Presented by: Paul Borghesani, MD, PhD
Date: 01/18/2013

Principles and practice of adjusting to night shift: a brief owner’s manual for resetting your body clocks
Presented by: David Avery, MD
Date: 01/04/2013

Designing contextually-appropriate interventions and quality improvement supports for school mental health
Presented by: Aaron Lyon, PhD
Date: 12/07/2012

Quality of life investigation a 20 year retrospective
Presented by: Ernest Weymuller, MD
Date: 11/16/2012

Bringing Alzheimer’s home: building Dementia care capacity in health systems
Presented by: Soo Borson, MD
Date: 11/02/2012

Integrated behavioral health care – closing the gap between what we know and what we do
Presented by: Jurgen Unutzer, MD, MPH, MA
Date: 10/19/2012

Anger management in Traumatic Brain Injury
Presented by: Tessa Hart, PhD
Date: 10/05/2012

Effectiveness of the online PTS self-management workshop
Presented by: Nigel Bush, PhD
Date: 09/21/2012

The group health mind phone – discussion of a behavioral health integration tool
Presented by: Alex Thompson, MD, MBA, MPH
Date: 09/07/2012

Current challenges in Dementia
Presented by: Stephen Thielke, MD,MSPH, MA
Date: 06/15/2012

Effectiveness of switching antipsychotic medications
Presented by: Susan M. Essock, PhD
Date: 06/01/2012

Stroke and Depression
Presented by: Pamela H. Mitchell, PhD, FAAN, FAHA
Date: 05/25/2012

Relapse to cocaine seeking: behavioral and neurochemical mechanisms
Presented by: Sunila Nair, MD
Date: 05/18/2012

The faculty and staff relationship: working effectively for success
Presented by: Susan Christy, PhD
Date: 05/15/2012

Reducing mental health service inequality for children and adolescents
Presented by: Margarita Alegria, PhD
Date: 05/04/2012

Mapping the landscapes of the mind – exploring the work of culture in the Indian context
Presented by: Prof R. Raguram
Date: 05/04/2012

Micro RNAs in mental illness
Presented by: Ruth Kohen, MD
Date: 04/20/2012

The protest psychosis – how Schizophrenia became a Black disease
Presented by: Jonathan M. Metzl
Date: 04/13/2012

Chronic pituitary hormone abnormalities after blast-induced mild Traumatic Brain Injury in combat Veterans: A psychiatric concern?
Presented by: Charles W. Wilkinson
Date: 04/06/2012

Born to be brave: stressors, mental health, and alcohol use in bisexual and lesbian women
Presented by: Debra Kaysen, PhD
Date: 03/16/2012

Introduction to sleep disorders
Presented by: Flavia B. Consens, MD
Date: 02/17/2012

PTSD and high risk behaviors in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans
Presented by: Matthew Jakupcak, PhD
Date: 02/03/2012

Update on Hepatitis C
Presented by: John Scott, MD, MSc
Date: 01/06/2012

Palliative care psychotherapy for people with advancing Dementia
Presented by: Douglas W. Lane, PhD, FAACP
Date: 12/16/2011

Bench to bookshelf to bedside: transforming UW Psychiatry (and other) research content into “clinic ready” programs
Presented by: Paul Ciechanowski, MD, MPH
Date: 12/02/2011

“Why I don’t believe in Cartesian disease.”
Presented by: Eric Strachan, PhD
Date: 11/18/2011

The blood-brain barrier in Neurology & Psychiatry
Presented by: William A. Banks, MD
Date: 11/04/2011

Pathways and TE​AMcare studies
Presented by: Wayne Katon, MD
Date: 10/21/2011

Multimodal neuroimaging of blast concussion mTBI in Irag and Afghanistan veterans
Presented by: Elain Peskind and Eric Petrie, MD
Date: 10/07/2011

Suicide by bridge
Presented by: Daniel Krashin, MD
Date: 09/16/2011

Integrating tobacco cessation into mental health care for Posttraumatic Stress disorder
Presented by: Andrew Saxon, MD and Miles McFall, PhD
Date: 09/02/2011

Access to and quality of mental health care in Asian American communities: a review and critique
Presented by: David T. Takeuchi, PhD
Date: 06/17/2011

Palliative Care
Presented by: Melissa (Moe) Hagman, MD, FACP
Date: 06/03/2011

Etiology and prevention of alcohol-related risky sexual behavior
Presented by: Melissa A. Lewis, PhD
Date: 05/20/2011

Improving health and healthcare for persons with SMI
Presented by: Benjamin Druss, MD, MPH
Date: 04/29/2011

Dissecting the role of dopamine in fear and anxiety
Presented by: Larry Zweifel, PhD
Date: 04/15/2011

SSRIs and suicidal behavior: cause or cure?
Presented by: David Brent, MD
Date: 04/01/2011

Presented by: Natalia Murinova, MD
Date: 03/18/2011

Genetics of Tourette’s and OCD
Presented by: Matthew State, MD, PhD
Date: 03/04/2011

Updates in delirium (a Geriatricians perspective)
Presented by: Lianne Hirano, PhD
Date: 02/18/2011

Where harm reduction meets housing first: exploring alcohol use among residents in a low-barrier, project-based housing first program
Presented by: Susan Collins, PhD
Date: 02/04/2011

Diagnosis and treatment of Tardive Syndrome
Presented by: Shu-Ching Hu, MD, PhD
Date: 01/21/2011

Improving psychological health care
Presented by: Gregory Gahm, MD
Date: 01/07/2011

A SNIFF of insulin: from Alzheimers disease to Parkinsons disease
Presented by: Stennis Watson, PhD
Date: 12/17/2010

Modular treatment of Anxiety disorders
Presented by: Stacy Welch, PhD
Date: 12/03/2010

Transcranial magnetic stimulation in Psychiatry: current status and future directions
Presented by: David Avery, MD
Date: 11/19/2010

From twenty-one runs to spring break trips: high-risk alcohol use in the college setting
Presented by: Christine Lee, PhD
Date: 11/05/2010

Presented by: Lorin Boynton, MbChB
Date: 10/15/2010

Caring letters: a Suicide prevention strategy
Presented by: David Luxton, PhD
Date: 10/01/2010