BRiTE is one of the department’s flagship centers for technology and mental health. We bring together a diverse group of multidisciplinary researchers, clinicians, technologists, patients and mental health advocates with a common goal of using innovative technologies to improve the lives of those suffering with mental illness, their families, and communities.

Main Challenge

Traditional in-person treatment approaches and brick-and-mortar clinic settings have limited capacity to provide targeted, scalable, high-quality person-centered care. Consequently, the majority of people suffering from mental illness and behavioral problems struggle with significant unmet mental health needs.

Our Approach

  • Design, development, and testing of cutting edge-technological approaches (e.g., treatment apps, Natural Language Processing, sensors) in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of mental illness and substance use disorders.
  • Repurposing existing technologies (e.g., texting, social media) as mental health treatment and recovery support tools.
  • Strategic partnerships to implement and evaluate novel technology-assisted resources in real-world treatment and community settings

Suzanne Meller, MPH, MSW, LSWAIC
BRiTE Center Coordinator