Kevin Hallgren, PhD

Personal Statement

I am a clinical psychologist with research interests in the treatment of problematic alcohol use, drug use, and co-occurring mental health conditions. Most of my research is conducted at the BRiTE Center within the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.​


PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of New Mexico, 2010-2014
Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship, Southwest Consortium of Clinical Psychology Internships, 2013-2014
MS, Psychology, University of New Mexico, 2008-2010
BA, Psychology, University of Missouri, 2003-2007

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Medical Student Addiction Research Program (MedStAR)

Recent Publications

Peer providers and linkage with buprenorphine care after hospitalization: A retrospective cohort study.
(2022 Dec)
Subst Abus 43(1): 1308-1316
Jack HE, Denisiuk ED, Collins BA, Stephens D, Blalock KL, Klein JW, Bhatraju EP, Merrill JO, Hallgren KA, Tsui JI

GGCX mutants that impair hemostasis reveal the importance of processivity and full carboxylation to VKD protein function.
(2022 Jun 29)
Rishavy MA, Hallgren K, Wilson LA, Hiznay JM, Runge KW, Berkner KL

The relationship among social support, food insecurity and mental health for adults with severe mental illness and type 2 diabetes: A survey study.
(2022 May 5)
Psychiatr Rehabil J
Michels C, Hallgren KA, Cole A, Chwastiak L, Cheng SC

Delivering Remote Measurement-Based Care in Community Addiction Treatment: Engagement and Usability Over a 6-Month Clinical Pilot.
Front Psychiatry 13(): 840409
Hallgren KA, Cohn EB, Ries RK, Atkins DC

Measuring practitioner attitudes toward psychosis and recovery: Exploratory factor analysis of the Psychosis Attitudes Scale.
(2022 Mar 28)
Psychiatr Rehabil J
Kopelovich SL, Stiles B, Hallgren KA, Kreider V, Hrouda DR, Sivec HJ

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