Kevin Hallgren, PhD

Personal Statement

I am a clinical psychologist with research interests in the treatment of problematic alcohol use, drug use, and co-occurring mental health conditions. Most of my research is conducted at the BRiTE Center within the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.​


PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of New Mexico, 2010-2014
Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship, Southwest Consortium of Clinical Psychology Internships, 2013-2014
MS, Psychology, University of New Mexico, 2008-2010
BA, Psychology, University of Missouri, 2003-2007

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Medical Student Addiction Research Program (MedStAR)

Recent Publications

Addictions treatment mechanisms of change science and implementation science: A critical review.
(2023 Mar 13)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res
Magill M, Maisto S, Borsari B, Glass JE, Hallgren K, Houck J, Kiluk B, Kuerbis A

Community Member Perspectives on Adapting the Cascade of Care for Opioid Use Disorder for a Tribal Nation in the United States.
(2023 Mar 11)
Johnson F Jr, RedCloud A, Mootz J, Hallgren KA, Elliott K, Alexander C, Anji'bide Community Action Board, Greenfield B

Treatment retention and reductions in blood alcohol concentration (BAC) during the first 90 days of a telehealth program for alcohol use disorder.
(2023 Mar 7)
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse
Hallgren KA, Galloway GP, Witkiewitz K, Linde P, Nix B, Mendelson JE

Association between clinical measures of unhealthy alcohol use and subsequent year hospital admissions in a primary care population.
(2023 Apr 1)
Drug Alcohol Depend 245(): 109821
Jack HE, Oliver MM, Berger DB, Bobb JF, Bradley KA, Hallgren KA

A patient-centered nurse-supported primary care-based collaborative care program to treat opioid use disorder and depression: Design and protocol for the MI-CARE randomized controlled trial.
(2023 Feb 18)
Contemp Clin Trials 127(): 107124
DeBar LL, Bushey MA, Kroenke K, Bobb JF, Schoenbaum M, Thompson EE, Justice M, Zatzick D, Hamilton LK, McMullen CK, Hallgren KA, Benes LL, Forman DP, Caldeiro RM, Brown RP, Campbell NL, Anderson ML, Son S, Haggstrom DA, Whiteside L, Schleyer TKL, Bradley KA

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