CoLab for Community & Behavioral Health Policy

CoLab looks to reimagine how evidence is integrated with community expertise to drive behavioral health policy and advance socially impactful and equity-informed methods of knowledge exchange. The CoLab also houses the Evidence-Based Practice Institute (EBPI), a state- funded initiative to promote effective mental health services for youth.

Main Challenge

Our communities are suffering from poor behavioral health research to practice translation. The most common methods of knowledge exchange rely on the motivation of clinician scientists to license or market behavioral health innovations and for policymakers to listen to consumers. This relies on the unpredictable motivations, capacities and values of behavioral health system actors.

Our Approach

We conduct research on evidence translation, providing development and implementation support for behavioral health programs and systems, through evidence synthesis, knowledge integration, and design. We work with community organizations, government agencies, policymakers, service providers, and healthcare payers.

Kristin Vick
Research Coordinator