Georganna Sedlar, PhD


UC Davis Medical Center Fellowship, 2002
Medical University of South Carolina Internship, 2001
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Ph.D, 2000
University of Washington Teaching Appointment

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

The implementation potential of a method to monitor empirically-supported children's mental health treatment through claims data.
(2021 Dec 18)
BMC Health Serv Res 21(1): 1349
Walker SC, Gubner N, Iztguttinov A, Rodriguez F, Davis P, Lyon A, Kerns S, Bruns E, Qian J, Sedlar G

Evaluating a Train-the-Trainer Approach for Increasing EBP Training Capacity in Community Mental Health.
(2020 Apr)
J Behav Health Serv Res 47(2): 189-200
Triplett NS, Sedlar G, Berliner L, Jungbluth N, Boyd M, Dorsey S

Advancing the state-level tracking of evidence-based practices: a case study.
Int J Ment Health Syst 13(): 25
Walker SC, Sedlar G, Berliner L, Rodriguez FI, Davis PA, Johnson S, Leith J

Developing a Quality Assurance System for Multiple Evidence Based Practices in a Statewide Service Improvement Initiative.
(2017 Jan)
Adm Policy Ment Health 44(1): 29-41
Sedlar G, Bruns EJ, Walker SC, Kerns SE, Negrete A

Challenging children in kin versus nonkin foster care: perceived costs and benefits to caregivers.
(2004 Aug)
Child Maltreat 9(3): 251-62
Timmer SG, Sedlar G, Urquiza AJ

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