The NIMH-funded UW ALACRITY Center is an interdisciplinary team working to improve access to and use of evidence-based psychosocial interventions in non-traditional care settings. At the core of our Center’s approach is the belief that following a user-centered design approach creates services that meet the needs of the community and solve problems.


Aaron Lyon, PhD

Sean Munson, PhD

Main Challenge

Psychosocial interventions are a preferred mode of treatment by most people seeking care for mental health problems, particularly low-income, perinatal, minority, and rural populations. Despite numerous studies demonstrating that these interventions are effective, they are rarely available in the general community.

Our Approach

Using an innovative design methodology (the Discover, Design, Build and Test Framework [DDBT]), we improve clinician capacity, simplify usability, and sustain quality in mental health treatments.


Brittany Mosser
Center Manager