Elizabeth McCauley, PhD

Personal Statement

I am a developmental and child clinical psychologist actively engaged in a clinical and research program designed to characterize the development, course, and management of clinical depression in young people.  My colleagues and I are engaged in a series of research investigations documenting the developmental pathways of youth with depressive disorders and co-occurring conduct problems, testing the efficacy of a brief intervention, assessment and engagement approach for school-based for school based providers, and adapting and testing behavioral activation as a therapy for depressed adolescents. I am also engaged in a randomized control study assessing the efficacy of Dialectical Behavior Therapy as a treatment for youth with suicidal ideation and behaviors.

I have been actively involved with national and local efforts to disseminate training in evidenced based treatment strategies to child mental health care providers and is currently working with King County Public Health and local school districts to provide training and consultation to school based mental health providers in evidenced based assessment and intervention approaches. In addition to my work focused on depressive disorders, I have extensive experience evaluating and treating children/adolescents and their families who present with a variety of developmental and behavior problems including youth with gender dysphoria and those with disorders of sex development.

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Mood and Anxiety Program – Seattle Children’s Hospital
Consultation and Liaison Service – Seattle Children’s Hospital
Training Clinic
Crisis Consultation Clinic – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Recent Publications

Relations among symptoms of depression over time in at-risk youth.
(2023 Jul 20)
J Psychopathol Clin Sci
Quinn ME, Liu Q, Cole DA, McCauley E, Diamond G, Garber J

A unique model of care for youth in crisis: A pilot open trial.
(2023 Jul 10)
Psychol Serv
Adrian M, Twohy E, Babeva K, Jenness J, Gurtovenko K, Blossom JB, King S, McCartney L, McCauley E

PASK links cellular energy metabolism with a mitotic self-renewal network to establish differentiation competence.
(2023 Apr 13)
Elife 12():
Xiao M, Wu CH, Meek G, Kelly B, Castillo DB, Young LEA, Martire S, Dhungel S, McCauley E, Saha P, Dube AL, Gentry MS, Banaszynski LA, Sun RC, Kikani CK

Effectiveness of a Brief Engagement, Problem-Solving, and Triage Strategy for High School Students: Results of a Randomized Study.
(2023 May)
Prev Sci 24(4): 701-714
Bruns EJ, Lee K, Davis C, Pullmann MD, Ludwig K, Sander M, Holm-Hansen C, Hoover S, McCauley EM

Editors' Best of 2022.
(2023 Jan)
J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 62(1): 1-7
Novins DK, Althoff RR, Brotman MA, Cortese S, DelBello M, Doyle A, Drury SS, Fortuna L, Frazier JA, Fristad M, Henderson SW, McCauley E, Middeldorp C, Njoroge WFM, Rogers CE, White T

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