Behavioral Health Institute (BHI) at Harborview Medical Center

The Behavioral Health Institute (BHI) brings innovation, research and clinical practice together to advance mental health and addiction stabilization and treatment. The BHI operates as a part of Harborview Medical Center and in partnership with the UW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.


Susan McLaughlin, PhD

Main Challenge

Behavioral health issues left untreated or treated too late play a pivotal role in growing and costly community problems like homelessness, violence, suicide, and inability to remain engaged in school. The cost of untreated behavioral health conditions impacts public systems, including health care, housing and homelessness, education, and the criminal legal system.

Our Approach

  • Launch behavioral health treatment and innovations that could ultimately reduce negative and costly outcomes.
  • Support research in innovative behavioral health care approaches.
  • Advance behavioral health services across Washington State with careful attention to the intersection of effective training, workforce advancement and good policy.

Susan McLaughlin, PhD
Director, Behavioral Health Institute