Trauma Recovery & Resilience Innovations

Trauma Recovery & Resilience Innovations (TRI) develops, tests and supports the implementation of interventions to promote mental health and wellbeing following exposure to traumatic and stressful events.

Main Challenge

Exposure to traumatic and stressful events is common and is associated with tremendous societal and personal costs. Existing effective prevention and treatment efforts can be difficult to access, take too long for many to complete, and are complicated for providers to learn and deliver.

At TRI, we develop, test and support the implementation of effective, accessible and culturally mindful treatments to build resilience and promote recovery in the face of traumatic and stressful events.

Our Approach

  • We focus on recovery, resilience and wellbeing in the face of traumatic and stressful events.
  • We create novel interventions that are simpler and briefer. Our interventions can be delivered by therapists or may reach clients directly via text messages, apps or phones.
  • We adapt and rebuild existing interventions to make them easier to learn and deliver, more sustainable and culturally mindful.
  • We collaborate with community and government agencies to educate, train and support providers and the public.
  • We test what we build; we care about what works best and for whom.

>> Please explore the numerous resources we created to support well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trauma Recovery & Resilience Innovations
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