The mission of the Center for Suicide Prevention and Recovery (CSPAR) is to promote the recovery of individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts and behavior and the effectiveness and resilience of the clinical staff and families who care for them.

Main Challenge

Suicide and attempted suicide are major public health concerns. In WA, someone dies by suicide every seven hours, on average. In recent decades, there has been positive developments in understanding and preventing suicide, as well as progress in intervening with those who have attempted suicide. Despite these developments, considerable challenges remain.

Our Approach

  • Conduct rigorous and ecologically valid research
  • Provide expert training and consultation
  • Seek a deep understanding of the cultures and settings in which we work that lead to meaningful, pragmatic interventions that are ready for implementation, and improved policies, systems and environments of care.

Juliann Salisbury, MSW, LSWAA
Center Manager