Larry Pruitt, PhD

Recent Publications

Positive Predictive Values and Potential Success of Suicide Prediction Models-Reply.
(2019 Jun 26)
JAMA Psychiatry
Belsher BE, Smolenski DJ, Pruitt LD

Prediction Models for Suicide Attempts and Deaths: A Systematic Review and Simulation.
(2019 Jun 1)
JAMA Psychiatry 76(6): 642-651
Belsher BE, Smolenski DJ, Pruitt LD, Bush NE, Beech EH, Workman DE, Morgan RL, Evatt DP, Tucker J, Skopp NA

Suicide in the Military: Understanding Rates and Risk Factors Across the United States' Armed Forces.
(2019 Mar 1)
Mil Med 184(Suppl 1): 432-437
Pruitt LD, Smolenski DJ, Bush NE, Tucker J, Issa F, Hoyt TV, Reger MA

Financial hardship and risk of suicide among U.S. Army personnel.
(2019 May)
Psychol Serv 16(2): 286-292
Goodin CA, Prendergast DM, Pruitt LD, Smolenski DJ, Wilson NY, Skopp N, Hoyt T

Predicting post treatment client satisfaction between behavioural activation for depression delivered either in-person or via home-based telehealth.
(2019 Sep)
J Telemed Telecare 25(8): 460-467
Pruitt LD, Vuletic S, Smolenski DJ, Wagner A, Luxton DD, Gahm GA

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