The CREATIV Lab focuses on personalized interventions designed to improve the mental health and well-being of people as quickly and easily as possible by developing targeted, streamlined behavioral interventions that clinicians can easily administer and are readily available to a broad array of patients.

Main Challenge

Successful interventions should be tailored to the specific needs of a broad array of patients and must able to be easily and successfully delivered by a wide spectrum of clinicians, increasing the effectiveness of the interventions and allowing for broader implementation of evidence-based treatments.

Our Approach

  • We draw upon the latest advances in neuroscience, technology and psychological science to develop targeted and streamlined behavioral interventions that any clinician can provide and that are readily available to a broad array of patients.
  • We engage stakeholders in the community, health care, and patient populations to disseminate robust psychosocial treatments in diverse settings.
  • We collaborate with partners from diverse academic disciplines, private industry, and health care partners to further the science around the effectiveness, efficacy, and utilization of mobile mental health tools.

Brittany Mosser, MSW, LICSW
Program Manager, CREATIV Lab