Michael Pullmann, PhD

Recent Publications

Participant retention in a fully remote trial of digital psychotherapy: Comparison of incentive types.
Front Digit Health 4(): 963741
Griffith Fillipo IR, Pullmann MD, Hull TD, Zech J, Wu J, Litvin B, Chen S, Arean PA

Longitudinal Effects of a Motivationally Focused Strategy to Increase the Yield of Training and Consultation on Teachers' Adoption and Fidelity of a Universal Program.
(2022 Aug 2)
School Ment Health
Merle JL, Cook CR, Pullmann MD, Larson MF, Hamlin CM, Hugh ML, Brewer SK, Duong MT, Bose M, Lyon AR

Predictors of Disengagement and Symptom Improvement Among Adults With Depression Enrolled in Talkspace, a Technology-Mediated Psychotherapy Platform: Naturalistic Observational Study.
(2022 Jun 22)
JMIR Form Res 6(6): e36521
Darnell D, Pullmann MD, Hull TD, Chen S, Areán P

Usability Issues in Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions and Implementation Strategies: Cross-project Analysis.
(2022 Jun 14)
J Med Internet Res 24(6): e37585
Munson SA, Friedman EC, Osterhage K, Allred R, Pullmann MD, Areán PA, Lyon AR, UW ALACRITY Center Researchers.

Protocol for a sequential, multiple assignment, randomised trial to test the effectiveness of message-based psychotherapy for depression compared with telepsychotherapy.
(2021 Nov 2)
BMJ Open 11(11): e046958
Arean P, Hull D, Pullmann MD, Heagerty PJ

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