Michael Pullmann, PhD

Recent Publications

Clinical supervision approach predicts evidence-based trauma treatment delivery in children's mental health.
Front Psychiatry 13(): 1072844
Meza RD, AlRasheed R, Pullmann MD, Dorsey S

Supporting the inclusion and retention of autistic students: Exploring teachers' and paraeducators' use of evidence-based practices in public elementary schools.
Front Psychiatry 13(): 961219
Locke J, Hernandez AM, Joshi M, Hugh ML, Bravo A, Osuna A, Pullmann MD

Expect the Unexpected: A Qualitative Study of the Ripple Effects of Children's Mental Health Services Implementation Efforts.
Implement Res Pract 3():
Pullmann MD, Dorsey S, Duong MT, Lyon AR, Muse I, Corbin CM, Davis CJ, Thorp K, Sweeney M, Lewis CC, Powell BJ

Effectiveness of Mental Health Apps for Distress During COVID-19 in US Unemployed and Essential Workers: Remote Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial.
(2022 Nov 7)
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 10(11): e41689
Comtois KA, Mata-Greve F, Johnson M, Pullmann MD, Mosser B, Arean P

Participant retention in a fully remote trial of digital psychotherapy: Comparison of incentive types.
Front Digit Health 4(): 963741
Griffith Fillipo IR, Pullmann MD, Hull TD, Zech J, Wu J, Litvin B, Chen S, Arean PA

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