A Research Institute for Implementation Science in Education (RIISE) to address the “Last Mile” in education

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Longstanding gaps between science and practice in schools have contributed to a persistent “last mile” problem in which education research consistently fails to reach the individuals for whom it was intended. Implementation research is an emerging scientific study in education of methods to promote the systematic uptake of research findings and evidence-based programs and practices into routine services. The purpose of this three-year methods training grant is to increase the number of education scholars with expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and executing implementation research studies. We propose to establish a Research Institute for Implementation Science in Education (RIISE) that will provide training and mentorship to increase human intellectual capital devoted to implementation research study design in education and build a network of implementation scientists devoted to bridging the “last mile.”

Project Period:
July 1, 2021 June 30, 2024

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Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

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Educational settings (e.g. universities, schools)

Patient Population(s):
Adolescents, Children