Jill Locke, PhD

Recent Publications

An examination of the factor structure of TeamSTEPPS measures in school mental health teams.
(2020 Dec)
J Psychol Couns Sch 30(2): 172-184
Wolk CB, Locke J, Salas E, Eiraldi R, Cronholm PF, Mandell D

Embedding school cultures and climates that promote evidence-based practice implementation for youth with autism: A qualitative study.
(2021 May)
Autism 25(4): 982-994
Williams NJ, Frederick L, Ching A, Mandell D, Kang-Yi C, Locke J

Strengthening capacity for implementation of evidence-based practices for autism in schools: The roles of implementation climate, school leadership, and fidelity.
(2020 Nov)
Am Psychol 75(8): 1105-1115
Melgarejo M, Lind T, Stadnick NA, Helm JL, Locke J

Psychiatric Diagnoses and Treatment Preceding Schizophrenia in Adolescents Aged 9-17 Years.
Front Psychiatry 11(): 487
Kang-Yi CD, Chao B, Teng S, Locke J, Mandell DS, Wong YI, Epperson CN

Parent Perceptions About Communicating With Providers Regarding Early Autism Concerns.
(2020 Apr)
Pediatrics 145(Suppl 1): S72-S80
Locke J, Ibanez LV, Posner E, Frederick L, Carpentier P, Stone WL

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