Autism Intervention Network on Behavioral Health (AIR-B)

Project Type(s):

Principal Investigator(s):
  • Connie Kasari
  • Aubyn Stahmer
  • Suzannah Iadarola
  • David Mandell
  • Elizabeth Hassrick McGhee
  • Brian Boyd


The purpose of this multi-site study is to develop and evaluate a multi-phase implementation and sustainment strategy to support evidence-based practice use across different interventions for individuals with autism, settings, and ages.

*In partnership with UCLA, UC Davis, Rochester, Penn, Drexel, and Kansas

Project Period:
September 1, 2020 September 1, 2025

Funding Type(s):

Health Resources Services Administration

Geographic Area(s):
Global, National

Practice Type(s):
Educational settings (e.g. universities, schools)

Patient Population(s):
Adults, Children

Targeted Condition(s):
Autism Spectrum Disorder