The purpose of the AIMS (Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions) Center is to inspire providers, researchers, and decision-makers to transform healthcare and improve patient outcomes. We accomplish this by translating and researching evidence-based approaches to behavioral health integration.

Main Challenge

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Common behavioral health conditions like depression and anxiety are a barrier to a healthy, productive life. Treatment most often occurs in primary care but integrating mental health into primary care requires practice change for an entire treatment team to deliver evidence-based care.

Our Approach

  • We translate research into real world settings through training, implementation coaching, and materials that support primary care clinics and other medical settings integrating behavioral health services into their practice.
  • We develop and disseminate a variety of tools and resources designed to promote effective behavioral health integration in a wide range of settings.
  • We research approaches designed to improve the reach and effectiveness of behavioral health services integrated into primary care and other medical settings. 

Diane Powers, MA, MBA
Co-Director, AIMS Center