Using technology to optimize Collaborative Care management of depression in urban and rural cancer centers (SCOPE)

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SCOPE Study Website

This project aims to improve the treatment of depression in cancer patients. Up to 25% of people with cancer will become clinically depressed, significantly affecting their quality of life, functioning, and ability to tolerate cancer treatment. Unfortunately, about 75% of cancer patients with depression do not receive adequate treatment, and patients in rural settings are even less likely to receive adequate care. This study uses a human-centered design approach to develop, build, and test a web and mobile platform to enhance the implementation and fidelity of collaborative care management (CoCM) of depression for patients being treated at urban and rural cancer centers. In Phase I, patient-facing web and mobile applications and a clinician facing website will be developed. In Phase II, the technology-enhanced system will be compared to usual CoCM in a pragmatic effectiveness-implementation randomized controlled trial.

Project Period:
July 1, 2020 June 30, 2025

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National Cancer Institute

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Hospital, Outpatient, Rural

Patient Population(s):
Adults, Caregivers/Providers

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