Nicole Bates, MD

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Recent Publications

Enhancing Integrated Psychosocial Oncology through Leveraging the Oncology Social Worker's Role in Collaborative Care.
(2020 Oct 23)
Courtnage T, Bates NE, Armstrong AA, Seitz MK, Weitzman TS, Fann JR

Nexus of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease for Australia's First Peoples.
(2020 Feb)
JCO Glob Oncol 6(): 115-119
Diaz A, Sverdlov AL, Kelly B, Ngo DTM, Bates N, Garvey G

Patient co-payments for women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia.
(2020 May)
Support Care Cancer 28(5): 2217-2227
Bates N, Callander E, Lindsay D, Watt K

The patient co-payment and opportunity costs of accessing healthcare for Indigenous Australians with cancer: A whole of population data linkage study.
(2019 Dec)
Asia Pac J Clin Oncol 15(6): 309-315
Callander E, Bates N, Lindsay D, Larkins S, Preston R, Topp SM, Cunningham J, Garvey G

Long-term out of pocket expenditure of people with cancer: comparing health service cost and use for indigenous and non-indigenous people with cancer in Australia.
(2019 Feb 12)
Int J Equity Health 18(1): 32
Callander E, Bates N, Lindsay D, Larkins S, Topp SM, Cunningham J, Sabesan S, Garvey G

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