Isaac Rhew, PhD, MPH

Personal Statement

I am a psychiatric epidemiologist with interests in the etiology and prevention of substance use, internalizing mental health problems, and their co-occurrence. My research explores these phenomena across multiple levels of influence–from within-individual factors that can vary over time to broader neighborhood- and other area-level contextual factors. I am also interested in the application of innovative epidemiologic and statistical methods.


PhD, Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2006-2009
MPH, Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2003-2006
BA, Psychology, Stanford University, 1991-1995

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

University of Washington Department of Epidemiology

Recent Publications

Trends in Alcohol, Cigarette, E-Cigarette, and Nonprescribed Pain Reliever Use Among Young Adults in Washington State After Legalization of Nonmedical Cannabis.
(2022 May 9)
J Adolesc Health
Fleming CB, Ramirez JJ, Rhew IC, Hultgren BA, Hanson KG, Larimer ME, Dilley JA, Kilmer JR, Guttmannova K

Cannabis Use Among Young Adults in Washington State After Legalization of Nonmedical Cannabis.
(2022 Apr)
Am J Public Health 112(4): 638-645
Kilmer JR, Rhew IC, Guttmannova K, Fleming CB, Hultgren BA, Gilson MS, Cooper RL, Dilley J, Larimer ME

Patient-centered primary care and receipt of evidence-based alcohol-related care in the national Veterans Health Administration.
(2022 Feb 2)
J Subst Abuse Treat
Edmonds AT, Rhew IC, Jones-Smith J, Chan KCG, Nelson K, Williams EC

Associations of cannabis retail outlet availability and neighborhood disadvantage with cannabis use and related risk factors among young adults in Washington State.
(2022 Mar 1)
Drug Alcohol Depend 232(): 109332
Rhew IC, Guttmannova K, Kilmer JR, Fleming CB, Hultgren BA, Hurvitz PM, Dilley JA, Larimer ME

Neighborhood greenspace exposure as a protective factor in dementia risk among U.S. adults 75 years or older: a cohort study.
(2022 Jan 15)
Environ Health 21(1): 14
Slawsky ED, Hajat A, Rhew IC, Russette H, Semmens EO, Kaufman JD, Leary CS, Fitzpatrick AL

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