Isaac Rhew, PhD, MPH

Personal Statement

I am a psychiatric epidemiologist with interests in the etiology and prevention of substance use, internalizing mental health problems, and their co-occurrence. My research explores these phenomena across multiple levels of influence–from within-individual factors that can vary over time to broader neighborhood- and other area-level contextual factors. I am also interested in the application of innovative epidemiologic and statistical methods.


PhD, Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2006-2009
MPH, Epidemiology, University of Washington, 2003-2006
BA, Psychology, Stanford University, 1991-1995

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

University of Washington Department of Epidemiology

Recent Publications

The association between cannabis use and risk of non-medical pain reliever misuse onset among young adults in a legal cannabis context.
(2023 Aug)
Addict Behav 143(): 107711
Rhew IC, Le VT, Ramirez JJ, Fleming CB, Kilmer JR, Delawalla MLM, Hultgren BA, Lee CM, Larimer ME, Guttmannova K

Sexual minority stress and substance use: An investigation of when and under what circumstances minority stress predicts alcohol and cannabis use at the event-level.
(2023 May)
J Psychopathol Clin Sci 132(4): 475-489
Dyar C, Lee CM, Rhew IC, Kaysen D

Trajectories of loneliness during COVID-19 pandemic and associations with mental health and substance use.
(2023 Feb 14)
J Res Adolesc
Cadigan JM, Calhoun BH, Rhew IC, Lee CM

Prospective Associations between Childhood Exposure to Living with Adult Alcohol Misuse and Major Depressive Disorder in Adulthood: The Role of Child Maltreatment.
Subst Use Misuse 58(3): 371-379
Avery AD, Kernic MA, Kosterman R, Rhew IC

Neighborhood Disadvantage, Patterns of Unhealthy Alcohol Use, and Differential Associations by Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Rurality: A Study of Veterans Health Administration Patients.
(2022 Nov)
J Stud Alcohol Drugs 83(6): 867-878
Edmonds AT, Rhew IC, Jones-Smith J, Chan KCG, De Castro AB, Rubinsky AD, Blosnich JR, Williams EC

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