Jurgen Unutzer

Jürgen Unützer, MD, MPH, MA

Personal Statement

My work focuses on the integration of mental health services and general medical care and on translating research on evidence-based mental health interventions into effective clinical and public health practice. I have published over 300 scientific papers and I am the recipient of numerous federal and foundation grants and awards for my research on integrated behavioral health care. I work with national and international organizations dedicated to improving behavioral health care for diverse populations. I have served as Senior Scientific Advisor to the World Health Organization and as an advisor to the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.


Primary Care Psychiatry, University of Washington School of Medicine, 1994-1996
MPH, Health Services, University of Washington School of Public Health, 1994-1996
Geriatric Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine - Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1993-1994
Chief Resident in Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine - Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1993-1994
Residency in Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine - Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1991-1993
Internship in Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine - Neuropsychiatric Institute, 1990-1991
M.A., Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago, 1986-1988
MD, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 1984-1990
B.S., Iowa State University, 1982-1983

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Association of organizational culture and climate with variation in the clinical outcomes of collaborative care for maternal depression in community health centers.
(2023 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 4(): 26334895231205891
Williams NJ, Russo J, Vredevoogd M, Grover T, Green P, Proctor E, Bhat A, Unützer J, Bennett IM

Characteristics of Veterans With Depression Who Use the Veterans Choice Program of the Veterans Health Administration.
(2023 Nov 7)
Psychiatr Serv
Carlo AD, Sterling RA, Mao J, Fiorella RP, Fortney JC, Unützer J, Wong ES

Acceptance of Insurance by Psychiatrists and Other Physicians, 2007-2016.
(2023 Jul 10)
Psychiatr Serv
Carlo AD, Basu A, Unützer J, Jordan N

Understanding depression treatment and perinatal service preferences of Kenyan pregnant adolescents: A discrete choice experiment.
PLoS One 18(3): e0273274
Kumar M, Tele A, Kathono J, Nyongesa V, Yator O, Mwaniga S, Huang KY, McKay M, Lai J, Levy M, Cuijpers P, Quaife M, Unutzer J

"We are the sun for our community:" Partnering with community health workers/promotores to adapt, deliver and evaluate a home-based collaborative care model to improve equity in access to quality depression care for older U.S. Latino adults who are underserved.
Front Public Health 11(): 1079319
Steinman LE, Gasca A, Hoeft TJ, Raue PJ, Henderson S, Perez R, Huerta A, Fajardo A, Vredevoogd MA, James K, Hinton L, Rath L, Unutzer J

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