Implementation Toolkit to Enhance EBP Among Marginalized Families (I-TEAM)

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Although the efficacy of early intervention (EI) for autistic children and their families has been established, many marginalized families with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds still report inequitable access to evidence-based practices (EBP). The proposed research addresses three aims including: AIM 1. Identify facilitators and barriers of EBP implementation among marginalized families of young autistic children in EI; AIM 2. Develop an implementation toolkit with a focus on capacity building of EI providers to implement EBP with cultural responsiveness; and AIM 3. Examine the feasibility, acceptability, and appropriateness of this toolkit through a pilot trial using RUBI behavioral parent training program.

Project Period:
March 1, 2023 February 28, 2026

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King County, Washington

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Community Mental Health/Health Center/Faith Health Center

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Adults, Caregivers/Providers

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Autism Spectrum Disorder