Aaron Lyon, PhD

Personal Statement

My research focuses primarily on promoting mental health practitioner behavior change and the uptake of evidence-based practices (EBP) by clinicians working in schools and other community settings. He is particularly interested in (1) the identification and implementation of low-cost, high-yield practices – such as the use of standardized assessment tools for outcome monitoring – to reduce the gap between typical and optimal practice in low-resource service contexts; and (2) the development and adaptation of health-information technologies to support EBP use by community practitioners. I am the founder and Director of the School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center, dually housed in UW’s School of Medicine and College of Education.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Dr. Liu et al. Reply.
(2020 May)
J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 59(5): 577-579
Liu FF, Cruz RA, Rockhill CM, Lyon AR

A systematic review of empirical studies examining mechanisms of implementation in health.
(2020 Apr 16)
Implement Sci 15(1): 21
Lewis CC, Boyd MR, Walsh-Bailey C, Lyon AR, Beidas R, Mittman B, Aarons GA, Weiner BJ, Chambers DA

Designing the Future of Children's Mental Health Services.
(2020 Apr 6)
Adm Policy Ment Health
Lyon AR, Dopp AR, Brewer SK, Kientz JA, Munson SA

Sub-study Correction: Use of Human-Centered Design to Improve Implementation of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies in Low-Resource Communities: Protocol for Studies Applying a Framework to Assess Usability.
(2020 Mar 4)
JMIR Res Protoc 9(3): e18241
Lyon AR, Munson SA, Renn BN, Atkins DC, Pullmann MD, Friedman E, Areán PA

Middle and High School Student Perspectives on Digitally-Delivered Mental Health Assessments and Measurement Feedback Systems.
(2020 Jul)
Adm Policy Ment Health 47(4): 531-544
Mayworm AM, Kelly BM, Duong MT, Lyon AR

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