Aaron Lyon, PhD

Personal Statement

My research focuses primarily on promoting mental health practitioner behavior change and the uptake of evidence-based practices (EBP) by clinicians working in schools and other community settings. He is particularly interested in (1) the identification and implementation of low-cost, high-yield practices – such as the use of standardized assessment tools for outcome monitoring – to reduce the gap between typical and optimal practice in low-resource service contexts; and (2) the development and adaptation of health-information technologies to support EBP use by community practitioners. I am the founder and Director of the School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center, dually housed in UW’s School of Medicine and College of Education.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Examining the Effects of a Brief, Group-Based Motivational Implementation Strategy on Mechanisms of Teacher Behavior Change.
(2020 Nov 23)
Prev Sci
Larson M, Cook CR, Brewer SK, Pullmann MD, Hamlin C, Merle JL, Duong M, Gaias L, Sullivan M, Morrell N, Kulkarni T, Weeks M, Lyon AR

Rates of Mental Health Service Utilization by Children and Adolescents in Schools and Other Common Service Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
(2020 Sep 17)
Adm Policy Ment Health
Duong MT, Bruns EJ, Lee K, Cox S, Coifman J, Mayworm A, Lyon AR

Aligning implementation and user-centered design strategies to enhance the impact of health services: results from a concept mapping study.
Implement Sci Commun 1(): 17
Dopp AR, Parisi KE, Munson SA, Lyon AR

Implementation Determinants and Outcomes of a Technology-Enabled Service Targeting Suicide Risk in High Schools: Mixed Methods Study.
(2020 Jul 20)
JMIR Ment Health 7(7): e16338
Adrian M, Coifman J, Pullmann MD, Blossom JB, Chandler C, Coppersmith G, Thompson P, Lyon AR

What Gets Measured Gets Done: How Mental Health Agencies can Leverage Measurement-Based Care for Better Patient Care, Clinician Supports, and Organizational Goals.
(2020 Jul 12)
Adm Policy Ment Health
Connors EH, Douglas S, Jensen-Doss A, Landes SJ, Lewis CC, McLeod BD, Stanick C, Lyon AR

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