Aaron Lyon, PhD

Personal Statement

My research focuses on increasing the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of community- and school-based interventions for children, adolescents, and families. I am particularly interested in (1) the identification and implementation of low-cost, high-yield practices – such as the use of measurement-based care – to reduce the gap between typical and optimal practice in schools; (2) development of individual- and organization-level implementation strategies to promote adoption and sustainment of evidence-based psychosocial interventions within a multi-tier systems of support (MTSS) framework; and (3) human-centered design (and redesign) of psychosocial and digital technologies to improve their implementability, accessibility, and effectiveness. I am the founder and Co-Director of the School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center, dually housed in UW’s School of Medicine and College of Education.


PhD: DePaul University, Chicago
Residency: Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle
Fellowship: Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle

Department Affiliations

Training Programs

Research Institute for Implementation Science in Education (RIISE)

Recent Publications

Teacher attitudes toward evidence-based practices: Exploratory and confirmatory analyses of the school-adapted evidence-based practice attitude scale.
(2023 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 4(): 26334895221151026
Merle JL, Cook CR, Locke JJ, Ehrhart MG, Brown EC, Davis CJ, Lyon AR

Construct validity of the school-implementation climate scale.
(2022 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 3(): 26334895221116065
Thayer AJ, Cook CR, Davis C, Brown EC, Locke J, Ehrhart MG, Aarons GA, Picozzi E, Lyon AR

Assessing provider perceptions of training: Initial evaluation of the Acceptability, Feasibility, and Appropriateness Scale.
(2022 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 3(): 26334895221086269
Cho E, Lyon AR, Tugendrajch SK, Marriott BR, Hawley KM

Human-centered design methods to achieve preparation phase goals in the multiphase optimization strategy framework.
(2022 Jan-Dec)
Implement Res Pract 3(): 26334895221131052
O'Hara KL, Knowles LM, Guastaferro K, Lyon AR

Study Protocol: Multi-level Determinants of Implementation and Sustainment in the Education Sector.
(2023 Mar)
J Emot Behav Disord 31(1): 27-40
McLeod BD, Sutherland KS, Conroy MA, Lyon AR, Chapman JE, Granger KL, Saldana L

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