Development and testing of a research-based Tier 3 Wraparound model for schools

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This project will adapt the defined, research-based, Wraparound care coordination model for youth with complex behavioral health needs to the education environment, including training curricula, installation protocols, fidelity measures, and other components. The project will initially convene national experts and local stakeholders who will review and aid in iterative refinement of materials, followed by a small-scale pre-post pilot, and culminating in a small-scale randomized pilot study comparing proximal and distal outcomes for 60 students in 6 elementary schools assigned to the “Tier 3 Wraparound” protocol versus services as usual.

Project Period:
July 1, 2020 June 30, 2024

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Institute of Education Sciences

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Community Mental Health/Health Center/Faith Health Center, Educational settings (e.g. universities, schools)

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Caregivers/Providers, Children