Estia: computerized intervention targeting cognitive control deficits in depressed adults

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Project: EVO (or “EVO”) is a mobile 3D video game that has been shown to reduce older adults’ susceptibility to interference by augmenting sustained attention and working memory abilities (e.g. cognitive control) through targeted adaptive algorithms. The combination of peer-reviewed validity, adaptivity, and fun video game mechanics elevates the EVO platform beyond other at-home training tools while reducing burden associated with tedious task replication. We propose to study EVO as a potential intervention for the treatment of depression, a disorder that worsens medical outcomes, promotes disability, increases expense, and complicates medical care by clouding the clinical picture and undermining treatment adherence.

Project Period:
January 2, 2021 September 30, 2021

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Seattle/Puget Sound, University of Washington

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Cognitive Disorders, Depression