Mark Reger, PhD

Personal Statement

​My research focuses on Veteran and military suicide prevention. I am interested in risk and protective factors that are unique to the military community. My work focuses on systematic clinical and public health approaches to reducing suicide behaviors. I am also interested in the ways technology can facilitate access to mental health care and improve the quality of care. My work has included traditional telehealth approaches, smartphone capabilities, and evolving innovative technologies.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Suicide Attempts Among Racial and Ethnic Groups in a Nationally Representative Sample.
(2021 Jul 21)
J Racial Ethn Health Disparities
Carter SP, Campbell SB, Wee JY, Law KC, Lehavot K, Simpson T, Reger MA

Association of Combat Experiences With Suicide Attempts Among Active-Duty US Service Members.
(2021 Feb 1)
JAMA Netw Open 4(2): e2036065
LeardMann CA, Matsuno RK, Boyko EJ, Powell TM, Reger MA, Hoge CW, Millennium Cohort Study.

Examination of potential disparities in suicide risk identification and follow-up care within the Veterans Health Administration.
(2020 Dec)
Suicide Life Threat Behav 50(6): 1127-1139
Carter SP, Malte CA, Rojas SM, Hawkins EJ, Reger MA

Suicide and Lewy body dementia: Report of a Lewy body dementia association working group.
(2021 Mar)
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 36(3): 373-382
Armstrong MJ, Sullivan JL, Amodeo K, Lunde A, Tsuang DW, Reger MA, Conwell Y, Ritter A, Bang J, Onyike CU, Mari Z, Corsentino P, Taylor A

An Initial Investigation of Suicide Attempt Disclosures Among US Veterans.
(2020 Nov 5)
Ammerman BA, Carter SP, Gebhardt HM, Buchholz J, Reger MA

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