Molly Adrian, PhD

Personal Statement

My program of research is broadly aimed at understanding processes involved in the etiology and treatment of self-injury, including nonsuicidal self-injury and suicide attempts, in adolescents. I utilize longitudinal cohort based datasets (Developmental Pathways Research Program; VanderStoep & McCauley), cross-sectional epidemiological data (Washington State Healthy Youth Survey), and adolescents recruited from inpatient psychiatry unit (PIs: Adrian & Sim) to examine genetic, environmental, and individual contributions to prediction of the spectrum of self-injurious behavior during adolescence.

In addition to employing a developmental psychopathology approach to the study of self-injury, I also work towards identifying core components of effective treatments for youth at risk for self-injury. In the context of NIMH-funded clinical trial to understand efficacy of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), I have provided leadership for the recruitment and assessment arms of a clinical trial for youth who repetitively self-injure and involved in the treatment team for DBT arm of intervention (Collaborative Adolescent Research on Emotions and Suicide; PIs Linehan, McCauley, Berk, Asarnow). I am also interested in improving suicide assessment by incorporating adolescents social media information in predictive machine learning algorithms and applying these methods in clinic and school settings.


Clinical Psychology, University of Maine, Orono
Fellowship: Child Psychiatry, University of Washington, Seattle

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Mood and Anxiety Program – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Crisis Care Clinic – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Scholarly Expertise

    • The development of emotion regulation, self-injurious behaviors

    Clinical Expertise

    • Treatment of emotional and behavioral dysregulation in adolescents

    Recent Publications

    A unique model of care for youth in crisis: A pilot open trial.
    (2023 Jul 10)
    Psychol Serv
    Adrian M, Twohy E, Babeva K, Jenness J, Gurtovenko K, Blossom JB, King S, McCartney L, McCauley E

    Suicide in young people: screening, risk assessment, and intervention.
    (2023 Apr 24)
    BMJ 381(): e070630
    Hughes JL, Horowitz LM, Ackerman JP, Adrian MC, Campo JV, Bridge JA

    The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) pediatric and parent-proxy short forms for anxiety: Psychometric properties in the Kids FACE FEARS sample.
    (2023 Mar)
    J Anxiety Disord 94(): 102677
    Freitag GF, Salem H, Conroy K, Busto C, Adrian M, Borba CPC, Brandt A, Chu PV, Dantowitz A, Farley AM, Fortuna L, Furr JM, Lejeune J, Miller L, Platt R, Porche M, Read KL, Rivero-Conil S, Hernandez RDS, Shumway P, Sikov J, Spencer A, Syeda H, McLellan LF, Rapee RM, McMakin D, Pincus DB, Comer JS

    Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality for Teens: A Promising Frontline Intervention for Addressing Adolescent Suicidality.
    (2021 Aug 26)
    Pract Innov (Wash D C) 7(2): 154-167
    Adrian M, Blossom JB, Chu PV, Jobes D, McCauley E

    Trajectories of Treatment Response and Nonresponse in Youth at High Risk for Suicide.
    (2022 Sep)
    J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 61(9): 1119-1130
    Berk MS, Gallop R, Asarnow JR, Adrian M, Avina C, Hughes JL, Korslund KE, McCauley E

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