Doyanne Darnell, PhD

Personal Statement

My research aims to improve the public health impact of evidence-based behavioral health interventions for addressing comorbidities common among ethnoculturally diverse and underserved victims of trauma, including PTSD, depression, suicidal ideation, and risky substance use. I study the integration of behavioral interventions into general medical settings, with an emphasis on provider-centered training methods to support the delivery of patient-centered interventions. My emerging work seeks to harness technologic innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with user-centered design, to enhance training scalability and sustainability.


Mental Health Services Research, UW at Harborview Medical Center, 2012-2015
Clinical Psychology, VA Puget Sound HCS - American Lake Division, 2011-2012
PhD, Clinical & Community Psychology, Georgia State University, 2012
MA, Clinical & Community Psychology, Georgia State University, 2007
BA, Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, 2000

Training Programs

Recent Publications

Evaluation of a Level I trauma center provider training in patient-centered alcohol brief interventions using the Behavior Change Counseling Index rated by standardized patients.
Trauma Surg Acute Care Open 4(1): e000370
Darnell D, Parker L, Engstrom A, Fisher D, Diteman K, Dunn C

Pragmatic Quality Assessment of Brief Health Behavior Change Interventions: Evidence for Criterion-Related Validity of the Behavior Change Counseling Index.
(2019 Nov)
J Clin Med Res 11(11): 764-768
Darnell DA, Parker LE, Engstrom A, Fisher D, Diteman KD, Dunn C

Ethical and Regulatory Considerations for Using Social Media Platforms to Locate and Track Research Participants.
(2019 Jun)
Am J Bioeth 19(6): 47-61
Bhatia-Lin A, Boon-Dooley A, Roberts MK, Pronai C, Fisher D, Parker L, Engstrom A, Ingraham L, Darnell D

Task-shifting to improve the reach of mental health interventions for trauma patients: findings from a pilot study of trauma nurse training in patient-centered activity scheduling for PTSD and depression.
(2019 Nov)
Cogn Behav Ther 48(6): 482-496
Darnell DA, Parker LE, Wagner AW, Dunn CW, Atkins DC, Dorsey S, Zatzick DF

Implementing Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy in Adult Public Behavioral Health: A Pilot Evaluation of the Feasibility of the Common Elements Treatment Approach (CETA).
(2019 Apr)
J Behav Health Serv Res 46(2): 249-266
Peterson R, Darnell D, Berliner L, Dorsey S, Murray L, Monroe-DeVita M

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