Doyanne Darnell, PhD

Personal Statement

My research aims to improve the public health impact of evidence-based behavioral health interventions for addressing comorbidities common among ethnoculturally diverse and underserved victims of trauma, including PTSD, depression, suicidal ideation, and risky substance use. I study the integration of behavioral interventions into general medical settings, with an emphasis on provider-centered training methods to support the delivery of patient-centered interventions. My current interest is in harnessing technologic innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with user-centered design, to enhance suicide prevention training scalability and sustainability.



Mental Health Services Research, UW at Harborview Medical Center, 2012-2015
Clinical Psychology, VA Puget Sound HCS - American Lake Division, 2011-2012
PhD, Clinical & Community Psychology, Georgia State University, 2012
MA, Clinical & Community Psychology, Georgia State University, 2007
BA, Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, 2000

Training Programs

Recent Publications

Understanding Psychological Distress and Protective Factors Amongst Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(2021 Sep)
Am J Geriatr Psychiatry 29(9): 881-894
Sams N, Fisher DM, Mata-Greve F, Johnson M, Pullmann MD, Raue PJ, Renn BN, Duffy J, Darnell D, Fillipo IG, Allred R, Huynh K, Friedman E, Areán PA

Stepped Collaborative Care Targeting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Comorbidity for US Trauma Care Systems: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
(2021 May 1)
JAMA Surg 156(5): 462-470
Zatzick D, Jurkovich G, Heagerty P, Russo J, Darnell D, Parker L, Roberts MK, Moodliar R, Engstrom A, Wang J, Bulger E, Whiteside L, Nehra D, Palinkas LA, Moloney K, Maier R

Proceedings of the Fifth Biennial Conference of the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) 2019: where the rubber meets the road: the intersection of research, policy, and practice - part 1.
(2020 Sep 30)
Implement Sci 15(Suppl 3): 76
Landes SJ, Kerns SEU, Pilar MR, Walsh-Bailey C, Yu SH, Byeon YV, Crane ME, Larson M, Bullock HL, Baumann AA, Comtois KA, Darnell D, Dorsey S, Fizur P, Lewis CC, Moullin JC, Pierson A, Powell BJ, Stanick CF, Wiltsey Stirman S, Franks RP

Ethical and Regulatory Concerns in Pragmatic Clinical Trial Monitoring and Oversight.
(2020 Sep)
Ethics Hum Res 42(5): 29-37
Roberts MK, Fisher DM, Parker LE, Darnell D, Sugarman J, Carrithers J, Weinfurt K, Jurkovich G, Zatzick D

Evaluation of a Level I trauma center provider training in patient-centered alcohol brief interventions using the Behavior Change Counseling Index rated by standardized patients.
Trauma Surg Acute Care Open 4(1): e000370
Darnell D, Parker L, Engstrom A, Fisher D, Diteman K, Dunn C

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