Suicide risk screening in acute and intensive care at a Level 1 Trauma Center

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Principal Investigator(s):
  • Imara West

Patients hospitalized for medical, surgical, or traumatic injury reasons at Harborview Medical Center are universally screened for suicide risk. The present research will advance knowledge about the practices occurring at this large healthcare institution serving the public and social safety net population and set the groundwork necessary for conducting future research designed to improve services not only at Harborview but at similar institutions across the U.S. A team led by Doyanne Darnell, PhD, and Imara West (Research Scientist at Data Quest) will capture population-level electronic health record (EHR) data on suicide screening rates and outcomes among medically hospitalized patients for a 1-year period and gain insight into the context of the data captured through focus groups with acute/intensive care nurses.

Project Period:
July 1, 2022 June 30, 2023

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Mary. E Nelson Charitable Remainder Trust, Heidi Combs Trustee

Geographic Area(s):
Washington, WWAMI Region

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Targeted Condition(s):
Suicidal Ideation