Emily Dworkin, PhD

Personal Statement

Dr. Dworkin’s research explores how the social, community, and cultural contexts in which trauma survivors recover affect their well-being, and seeks to identify strategies to intervene in these contexts to reduce psychopathology following trauma.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Intoxicated driving and riding with impaired drivers: Comparing days with alcohol, marijuana, and simultaneous use.
(2021 May 21)
Drug Alcohol Depend 225(): 108753
Patrick ME, Graupensperger S, Dworkin ER, Duckworth JC, Abdallah DA, Lee CM

Bidirectional associations between alcohol use and intimate partner violence and sexual assault victimization among college women.
(2021 May)
Addict Behav 116(): 106833
Dardis CM, Ullman SE, Rodriguez LM, Waterman EA, Dworkin ER, Edwards KM

Sex differences in factors predicting post-treatment opioid use.
(2021 Jan 6)
Davis JP, Eddie D, Prindle J, Dworkin ER, Christie NC, Saba S, DiGuiseppi GT, Clapp JD, Kelly JF

Social interaction anxiety and perceived coping efficacy: Mechanisms of the association between minority stress and drinking consequences among sexual minority women.
(2021 Mar)
Addict Behav 114(): 106718
Dyar C, Dworkin ER, Pirog S, Kaysen D

Daily relationships between posttraumatic stress symptoms, drinking motives, and alcohol consumption in trauma-exposed sexual minority women.
(2021 Feb)
Psychol Addict Behav 35(1): 3-15
Dworkin ER, Jaffe AE, Fitzpatrick S, Rhew IC, Kaysen D

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