Emily Dworkin, PhD

Personal Statement

Dr. Dworkin’s research explores how the social, community, and cultural contexts in which trauma survivors recover affect their well-being, and seeks to identify strategies to intervene in these contexts to reduce psychopathology following trauma.

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Impact of the revised VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for Management of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder for couples and families: Commentary on Lang et al. (2024).
(2024 Apr)
J Trauma Stress 37(2): 344-347
Monson CM, Fredman SJ, Fitzpatrick S, Macdonald A, Pukay-Martin ND, Shepherd-Banigan M, Dworkin ER, Luedtke B, Dekel R, Shoval-Zuckerman Y, Sautter F, Glynn SM

The day-to-day relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms and social support after sexual assault.
Eur J Psychotraumatol 15(1): 2311478
Howe ES, Dworkin ER

Contexts of social alcohol and cannabis use among sexual minority cisgender women and gender diverse individuals: Event-level differences in alcohol and cannabis use patterns based on the sexual orientations and gender identities of substance use companions.
(2024 Apr)
Addict Behav 151(): 107935
Dyar C, Dworkin ER, Kaysen D

Characteristics of Sexual Assault Among Men Receiving a Forensic Medical Examination.
(2023 Sep 4)
J Child Sex Abus
Oesterle DW, McKee GB, Dworkin ER, Blackburn AM, Daigle LE, Gill-Hopple K, Gilmore AK

Social Network Changes and Disclosure Responses after Sexual Assault.
(2022 Sep)
Psychol Women Q 46(3): 299-315
Jaffe AE, Blayney JA, Schallert MR, Edwards ME, Dworkin ER

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