Emily Dworkin, PhD

Personal Statement

My research explores how the social, community, and cultural contexts in which trauma survivors recover affect their well-being, and seeks to identify strategies to intervene in these contexts to reduce psychopathology following trauma.

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Scholarly Expertise

Recent Publications

Stressors and Drinking in Sexual Minority Women: The Mediating Role of Emotion Dysregulation.
(2020 Mar)
Psychol Sex Orientat Gend Divers 7(1): 46-54
Fitzpatrick S, Dworkin ER, Zimmerman L, Javorka M, Kaysen D

Effect of Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention on Impulsivity Trajectories Among Young Adults in Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment.
(2019 Oct)
Mindfulness (N Y) 10(10): 1997-2009
Davis JP, Barr N, Dworkin ER, Dumas TM, Berey B, DiGuiseppi G, Rael Cahn B

Impact of setting insecurity on Cognitive Processing Therapy implementation and outcomes in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Eur J Psychotraumatol 11(1): 1735162
Kaysen D, Stappenbeck CA, Carroll H, Fukunaga R, Robinette K, Dworkin ER, Murray SM, Tol WA, Annan J, Bolton P, Bass J

Associations between sexual assault and suicidal thoughts and behavior: A meta-analysis.
(2020 Mar 23)
Psychol Trauma
Dworkin ER, DeCou CR, Fitzpatrick S

The Association of Stalking Victimization With Adolescents' Depressed Mood and School Mattering.
(2020 Feb 5)
J Interpers Violence
Waterman EA, Siller L, Dworkin ER, Edwards KM

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