Jessica Chen, PhD

Dr. Chen is a clinical psychologist, chronic pain specialist, and health services researcher. Her research focuses on social determinants of health and the implementation of evidence-based psychosocial interventions for chronic pain and trauma. Dr. Chen is currently supported by a VA Career Development Award and other VA and NIH grants focused on increasing patient involvement in treatment decision-making and leveraging VA’s national healthcare system data to examine disparities in access to telehealth treatments for chronic pain and co-occurring opioid use disorder.

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Recent Publications

"It's a sign of weakness": Masculinity and help-seeking behaviors among male veterans accessing posttraumatic stress disorder care.
(2023 May)
Psychol Trauma 15(4): 665-671
Silvestrini M, Chen JA

Moderators and Nonspecific Predictors of Treatment Benefits in a Randomized Trial of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction vs Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy vs Usual Care for Chronic Low Back Pain.
(2023 Feb)
J Pain 24(2): 282-303
Chen JA, Anderson ML, Cherkin DC, Balderson BH, Cook AJ, Sherman KJ, Turner JA

Prevalence of social and economic stressors among transgender veterans with alcohol and other drug use disorders.
(2022 Sep)
SSM Popul Health 19(): 101153
Fletcher OV, Chen JA, van Draanen J, Frost MC, Rubinsky AD, Blosnich JR, Williams EC

Influence of a national transgender health care directive on receipt of alcohol-related care among transgender Veteran Health Administration patients with unhealthy alcohol use.
(2022 Dec)
J Subst Abuse Treat 143(): 108808
Matson TE, Harris AHS, Chen JA, Edmonds AT, Frost MC, Rubinsky AD, Blosnich JR, Williams EC

What matters to psychology trainees when making decisions about internship and postdoctoral training sites: Differences between racial/ethnic minority and White VA trainees.
(2023 Feb)
Psychol Serv 20(1): 178-187
Cheng ZH, Fujii D, Wong SN, Davis DM, Rosner CM, Chen JA, Bates J, Jackson J

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