Jessica Chen, PhD

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Carriage and Gene Content Variability of the pESI-Like Plasmid Associated with Salmonella Infantis Recently Established in United States Poultry Production.
(2020 Dec 18)
Genes (Basel) 11(12):
McMillan EA, Wasilenko JL, Tagg KA, Chen JC, Simmons M, Gupta SK, Tillman GE, Folster J, Jackson CR, Frye JG

An analysis of the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia in patients with epidermolysis bullosa: A cross-sectional study.
(2020 Dec 21)
Exp Dermatol
Kang M, Chen JSC, Radjenovic M, Yang A, Feng GHY, Murrell DF

Real-world integration of genomic data into the electronic health record: the PennChart Genomics Initiative.
(2020 Dec 10)
Genet Med
Lau-Min KS, Asher SB, Chen J, Domchek SM, Feldman M, Joffe S, Landgraf J, Speare V, Varughese LA, Tuteja S, VanZandbergen C, Ritchie MD, Nathanson KL

Effect of Tympanostomy Tube Placement on Intraoperative Auditory Brainstem Response.
(2020 Dec 9)
J Am Acad Audiol
Martinovic A, Chen J, Sivas K, Owens S, Firpo MA, Park AH

Disparities in Documented Drug Use Disorders Between Transgender and Cisgender U.S. Veterans Health Administration Patients.
(2020 Nov 25)
J Addict Med
Frost MC, Blosnich JR, Lehavot K, Chen JA, Rubinsky AD, Glass JE, Williams EC

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