Evaluating the National Implementation of Virtual Interdisciplinary Pain Care Teams – TelePain

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Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent and disabling conditions affecting Veterans. One of the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA’s) most pressing national clinical priorities is to increase access to non- pharmacological pain management and improve the safety of opioid prescribing. The National Pain Management and Opioid Safety Program (PMOP) is implementing virtual interdisciplinary pain management teams, TelePain, to improve access to evidence-based pain care among rural Veterans and those served by smaller VA facilities. The proposed evaluation, developed closely with PMOP, uses a rigorous prospective design to evaluate TelePain’s impact on clinical outcomes for Veterans and costs to VHA, while also evaluating TelePain’s impact on access to care and other implementation outcomes. These findings will provide actionable information to improving ongoing TelePain implementation efforts and inform VHA of the potential sustainability of TelePain as a model of care.

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April 1, 2021 March 31, 2024

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Veterans Health Administration

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Chronic disease