Sarah Walker, PhD

Personal Statement

I have been the principal investigator of over twenty research studies focused on juvenile justice reform from NIH, private foundation funding and research contracts with the Office of Justice Programs and local governments. I received a 2013 MacArthur Foundation Champion for Change Award for her work in investigating how to make evidence-based programming locally and culturally credible.


Clinical Internship/Residency , VA West Los Angeles Medical Center, 2004-2005
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Washington School of Medicine, 2007-2008
Ph.D. , Doctorate of Philosophy with emphasis in philosophy of science, Counseling Psychology, University of Southern California
MS , Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology , Brigham Young University, 2000-2001
B.S., Psychology, Brigham Young University, 1995-1999

Recent Publications

Route and duration of antibiotic therapy in acute cellulitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness and harms of antibiotic treatment.
(2020 Jul 31)
J Infect
Cross ELA, Jordan H, Godfrey R, Onakpoya IJ, Shears A, Fidler K, Peto TEA, Walker AS, Llewelyn MJ

Clinical Signs to Categorize Shock and Target Vasoactive Medications in Warm Versus Cold Pediatric Septic Shock.
(2020 Jul 28)
Pediatr Crit Care Med
Walker SB, Conlon TW, Zhang B, Mensinger JL, Fitzgerald JC, Himebauch AS, Glau C, Nishisaki A, Ranjit S, Nadkarni V, Weiss SL

Why do hospital prescribers continue antibiotics when it is safe to stop? Results of a choice experiment survey.
(2020 Jul 30)
BMC Med 18(1): 196
Roope LSJ, Buchanan J, Morrell L, Pouwels KB, Sivyer K, Mowbray F, Abel L, Cross ELA, Yardley L, Peto T, Walker AS, Llewelyn MJ, Wordsworth S

DNA Thermo-Protection Facilitates Whole Genome Sequencing of Mycobacteria Direct from Clinical Samples.
(2020 Jul 22)
J Clin Microbiol
George S, Xu Y, Rodger G, Morgan M, Sanderson ND, Hoosdally SJ, Thulborn S, Robinson E, Rathod P, Walker AS, Peto TEA, Crook DW, Dingle KE

Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium colonizing patients on hospital admission in Germany: prevalence and molecular epidemiology.
(2020 Jul 22)
J Antimicrob Chemother
Xanthopoulou K, Peter S, Tobys D, Behnke M, Dinkelacker AG, Eisenbeis S, Falgenhauer J, Falgenhauer L, Fritzenwanker M, Gölz H, Häcker G, Higgins PG, Imirzalioglu C, Käding N, Kern WV, Kramme E, Kola A, Mischnik A, Rieg S, Rohde AM, Rupp J, Tacconelli E, Vehreschild MJGT, Walker SV, Gastmeier P, Seifert H

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