Sarah Cusworth Walker, PhD, MS

Personal Statement

I am interested in methods of evidence translation and knowledge exchange that improve system and policymaking in behavioral health with a focal interest in public mental health for children and juvenile justice system reform.


Clinical Internship/Residency , VA West Los Angeles Medical Center, 2004-2005
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Washington School of Medicine, 2007-2008
Ph.D. , Doctorate of Philosophy with emphasis in philosophy of science, Counseling Psychology, University of Southern California
MS , Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology , Brigham Young University, 2000-2001
B.S., Psychology, Brigham Young University, 1995-1999

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Using policy codesign to achieve multi-sector alignment in adolescent behavioral health: a study protocol.
(2024 May 8)
Implement Sci Commun 5(1): 54
Walker SC, Ahrens KR, Owens MD, Parnes M, Langley J, Ackerley C, Purtle J, Saldana L, Aarons GA, Hogue A, Palinkas LA

Strategies for enacting health policy codesign: a scoping review and direction for research.
(2023 Sep 21)
Implement Sci 18(1): 44
Walker SC, Baquero B, Bekemeier B, Parnes M, Arora K

A landscape assessment of the activities and capacities of evidence-to-policy intermediaries (EPI) in behavioral health.
(2023 May 22)
Implement Sci Commun 4(1): 55
Almquist L, Walker SC, Purtle J

Racial disparities in youth pretrial detention: a retrospective cohort study grounded in critical race theory.
(2023 Mar 8)
Health Justice 11(1): 14
Wen A, Gubner NR, Garrison MM, Walker SC

Expert versus Youth Raters on Measuring Social and Therapeutic Climate in Secure Juvenile Placement.
(2022 Jun)
J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 50(2): 221-230
Walker SC, Bishop AS, Schmidt H 3rd, Lee TG, Indermark JA

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