Supervisor tools for quality

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The Supervisory Tools for Quality initiative recognizes the integral role that clinical supervisors play in supporting behavioral health clinicians’ use of effective practices in community mental health agencies, and aims to leverage this role to improve the scale up and sustained use of quality behavioral health services. Specifically, this project is focused on the development of cost effective, easy to use, and practical strategies to elevate supervision practices. This project is part of a broader Leadership Initiative for Quality.

This initiative involved partnering with supervisors to form a Supervisor Advisory Team. This team worked to provide practical and tangible supports to supervisors in order to improve delivery of quality and effective behavioral health services, and ultimately strengthen outcomes for economically and racially marginalized children and adolescents. This advisory group included experienced supervisors in behavioral health organizations across the state. Geographic regions represented included Bellingham, Bellevue, Lakewood, Spokane, Walla Walla, and Yakima. To date, we have completed three Supervisor Advisory Team meetings.

Project Period:
March 1, 2021

Funding Type(s):

WA State Health Care Authority

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Practice Type(s):
Community Mental Health/Health Center/Faith Health Center

Patient Population(s):
Adolescents, Children

Targeted Condition(s):
General Mental Well-Being