Larry Wissow, MD, MPH

Personal Statement

​I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist also trained in pediatrics. The longstanding theme of my research has been on the detection of psychosocial problems in children and families, with a particular interest in what happens at the interface between primary care and mental health care. My initial clinical work as a pediatrician involved families in which child abuse was suspected, and thus my early research on detection of psychosocial problems involved how clinicians might best learn that a given family was experiencing some form of violence.

When I returned to training and became a child psychiatrist, my focus shifted to the more general issue of how, in the course of clinician-child-parent interactions, psychosocial issues were asked about, disclosed, and discussed. I have explored this question from a number of angles, including work in different cultures in the US (African-American, Latin American, American Indian), in different countries (Brazil, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Iran), in differences attributable to provider gender, across a range of sensitive issues (including suicide and end-of-life decision-making), and across clinical settings (pediatric and adult primary care, emergency care, and chronic disease management). 


Clinical Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 1982-1984
Child Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1994-1995
Adult Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1992-1994
Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1979-1982
MD, Duke University, 1975-1979
MPH, Johns Hopkins University, 1982-1984

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Addressing Psychosocial Topics in Group Well-Child Care: A Multi-Method Study With Immigrant Latino Families.
(2021 May 13)
Acad Pediatr
Platt RE, Acosta J, Stellmann J, Sloand E, Caballero TM, Polk S, Wissow LS, Mendelson T, Kennedy CE

Multistage Adolescent Depression Screening: A Comparison of 11-Year-Olds to 12-Year-Olds.
(2021 May)
Perm J 25():
Cortez AB, Wilkins J, Handler E, Lerner MA, Burchette R, Wissow LS

Application of the Spanish-Language Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) Measure to Assess Patient-Centered Care Among Latino Populations.
(2021 Apr 22)
Hisp Health Care Int
La Flair LN, Christensen AL, Brown JD, Wissow LS

Children and adolescents' mental health in Iran's primary care: Perspectives of general practitioners, school staff and help seekers.
(2021 Mar)
Glob Soc Welf 8(1): 1-10
Zarafshan H, Wissow LS, Shahrivar Z, Mojtabai R, Khademi M, JafariNia M, Hajebi A, Abolhassani F, Sharifi V

Discovering Common Elements of Empirically Supported Self-Help Interventions for Depression in Primary Care: a Systematic Review.
(2021 Apr)
J Gen Intern Med 36(4): 869-880
Kuroda N, Burkey MD, Wissow LS

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