Eastern Mediterranean partnership to implement the regional framework for mental health: going to scale with school mental health

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An estimated 10-20% of children globally are affected by a mental health problem. Child mental health has been identified as a priority within the WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region (WHO EMRO). Following consultations with international and regional experts and stakeholders, WHO EMRO developed an evidence-based manualised School Mental Health Intervention (EMRO SMHI), endorsed by all member countries, including Pakistan, where the federal and provincial health departments have made plans for phased national implementation at scale.

We will conduct research in Pakistan embedded within national implementation of the EMRO SMHI applying scalable technological and social innovations developed and feasibility-tested in Pakistan. Capacity building will be embedded within the project with focus on child mental health. The research team will partner with the Pakistan Health Ministry and the WCC-IoP to both study and assist its scale-up plans by integrating our technological and social innovation. We hypothesise that use of the innovation will lead to improvements in both clinical and implementation outcomes.

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September 1, 2016 August 1, 2000

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