Kyrill Gurtovenko, PhD

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Mood and Anxiety Program – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Clinical Expertise

  • Emotion dysregulation
  • Comorbid mental health challenges
  • Transdiagnostic treatments for adolescents, parents, and families

Recent Publications

An emotion coaching parenting intervention for families exposed to intimate partner violence.
(2020 Mar)
Dev Psychol 56(3): 638-651
Katz LF, Gurtovenko K, Maliken A, Stettler N, Kawamura J, Fladeboe K

Trajectories of child and caregiver psychological adjustment in families of children with cancer.
(2018 Aug)
Health Psychol 37(8): 725-735
Katz LF, Fladeboe K, King K, Gurtovenko K, Kawamura J, Friedman D, Compas B, Gruhn M, Breiger D, Lengua L, Lavi I, Stettler N

Trajectories of marital, parent-child, and sibling conflict during pediatric cancer treatment.
(2018 Aug)
Health Psychol 37(8): 736-745
Katz LF, Fladeboe K, Lavi I, King K, Kawamura J, Friedman D, Compas B, Breiger D, Lengua L, Gurtovenko K, Stettler N

Patterns of Spillover Between Marital Adjustment and Parent-Child Conflict During Pediatric Cancer Treatment.
(2018 Aug 1)
J Pediatr Psychol 43(7): 769-778
Fladeboe K, Gurtovenko K, Keim M, Kawamura J, King KM, Friedman DL, Compas BE, Breiger D, Lengua LJ, Katz LF

Featured Article: Caregiver Perceptions of Stress and Sibling Conflict During Pediatric Cancer Treatment.
(2018 Jul 1)
J Pediatr Psychol 43(6): 588-598
Fladeboe K, King K, Kawamura J, Gurtovenko K, Stettler N, Compas B, Friedman D, Lengua L, Breiger D, Katz LF

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