Sarah Danzo, PhD

My research broadly aims to better understand the etiology of depression and associated risk behaviors such as substance use and suicide across development, and translate findings to inform prevention and intervention strategies for youth and families.  Additionally, my work focuses on partnering with communities to improve access to and use of effective mental health services within widely accessed settings such as in primary care.

My current projects include studies focused on adapting a suicide prevention program for use with adolescents and their families in primary care (PIs Chang, Danzo), as well as adapting a depression intervention for  digital delivery to expand access to adolescent depression care by non-specialists (PIs Richardson, Jenness).

In addition to research, I am also a psychologist in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Doctorate, Clinical Psychology: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Fellowship: Primary Care Behavioral Health, Psychiatry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Department Affiliations

Other Affiliations

Mood and Anxiety Program – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Crisis Care Clinic – Seattle Children’s Hospital

Recent Publications

Here's looking at you, kid? Maternal depression and adolescent attention to self- or other-directed emotional faces.
(2020 Jul 1)
J Affect Disord 272(): 38-45
Seidman SB, Danzo S, Patton E, Connell AM

Rumination in Early Adolescent Girls: An EEG Study of Cognitive Control and Emotional Responding in an Emotional Go/NoGo Task.
(2020 Feb)
Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci 20(1): 181-194
Connell A, Danzo S, Magee K, Dawson G

Indirect effects of the early childhood Family Check-Up on adolescent suicide risk: The mediating role of inhibitory control.
(2019 Dec)
Dev Psychopathol 31(5): 1901-1910
Connell AM, Shaw D, Wilson M, Danzo S, Weaver-Krug C, Lemery-Chalfant K, Dishion TJ

Children's appraisals of maternal depression and responses to emotional faces in early-adolescence: An Event Related Potential (ERP) study.
(2019 May 1)
J Affect Disord 250(): 241-248
Connell AM, Danzo S, Magee K, Uhlman R

Effects of depression and past-year binge drinking on cognitive control processes during a flanker task in college-aged adults.
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 44(2): 263-272
Connell AM, Danzo S, Dawson G

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