Improving opioid use disorder treatment using contingency management via mHealth

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Deaths related to the opioid overdose epidemic remain at an all-time high across the country despite significant efforts to reduce them. There is a pressing need to support medication treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) to help people stay in treatment and reduce the risk of overdose death and other serious health consequences of untreated addiction. Smartphone-based apps can facilitate the delivery of an evidence-based approach called contingency management that incentivizes use of medications for OUD, reduces use of non-prescribed opioids and improves retention in OUD treatment.

This study will leverage a commercially available smartphone app that can bring this much-needed behavioral support to patients receiving OUD treatment in a primary care clinic and in a specialty OUD treatment clinic. The approach offers a potentially non-labor intensive, cost-effective and highly scalable means of delivering OUD care.

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January 1, 2021 December 31, 2022

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Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions

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University of Washington

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Online/remote/apps/social media, Outpatient, Primary Care

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Substance use disorders/misuse