Justin Tauscher, PhD, MS

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Recent Publications

What do clinicians want? Understanding frontline addiction treatment clinicians' preferences and priorities to improve the design of measurement-based care technology.
(2021 Jun 15)
Addict Sci Clin Pract 16(1): 38
Tauscher JS, Cohn EB, Johnson TR, Diteman KD, Ries RK, Atkins DC, Hallgren KA

Using a Clinical Workflow Analysis to Enhance eHealth Implementation Planning: Tutorial and Case Study.
(2021 Mar 31)
JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 9(3): e18534
Staras S, Tauscher JS, Rich N, Samarah E, Thompson LA, Vinson MM, Muszynski MJ, Shenkman EA

Developing the WorkingWell mobile app to promote job tenure for individuals with serious mental illnesses.
(2017 Sep)
Psychiatr Rehabil J 40(3): 276-282
Nicholson J, Carpenter-Song EA, MacPherson LH, Tauscher JS, Burns TC, Lord SE

The potential of technology for enhancing individual placement and support supported employment.
(2014 Jun)
Psychiatr Rehabil J 37(2): 99-106
Lord SE, McGurk SR, Nicholson J, Carpenter-Song EA, Tauscher JS, Becker DR, Swanson SJ, Drake RE, Bond GR

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