Sarah Kopelovich, PhD

Personal Statement

I am a clinical psychologist with specialized training in serious mental illness and forensic psychology. I specialize in evidence-based treatments for schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders. My clinical work and research converges on individual-, family-, and systems-level supports to optimize mental health care in both community and residential settings and reduce the likelihood of criminal justice system engagement among individuals with serious mental illness.


Emory University Fellowship, 2015
City University of New York, 2015

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Cluster Analysis of Clozapine Consumer Perspectives and Comparison to Consumers on Other Antipsychotics.
(2021 Jan)
Schizophr Bull Open 2(1): sgab043
Sharma S, Kopelovich SL, Janjua AU, Pritchett C, Broussard B, Dhir M, Wilson JG, Goldsmith DR, Cotes RO

Psychosocial Interventions for Adults With Schizophrenia: An Overview and Update of Systematic Reviews.
(2021 Aug 13)
Psychiatr Serv
McDonagh MS, Dana T, Kopelovich SL, Monroe-DeVita M, Blazina I, Bougatsos C, Grusing S, Selph SS

Central Assessment of Psychosis Service: A Tele-evaluation Service to Support Early Identification of Psychosis.
(2021 Jun 2)
Psychiatr Serv
Kopelovich S, Maura J, Chwastiak L, Towle C, Monroe-DeVita M

A Comparison of Attitudes, Comfort, and Knowledge of Clozapine Among Two Diverse Samples of US Psychiatrists.
(2021 May 29)
Community Ment Health J
Cotes RO, Janjua AU, Broussard B, Lazris D, Khan A, Jiao Y, Kopelovich SL, Goldsmith DR

Psychosis REACH: Effects of a Brief CBT-Informed Training for Family and Caregivers of Individuals With Psychosis.
(2021 May 21)
Psychiatr Serv
Kopelovich SL, Stiles B, Monroe-DeVita M, Hardy K, Hallgren K, Turkington D

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