Greg Reger, PhD

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Evaluation of a Psychoeducational Group to Expand Mobile Application Knowledge and Use in a Veteran Residential Treatment Program.
(2023 Feb 15)
J Technol Behav Sci
Harned M, Dhami M, Reger GM

Design and methods of a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effects of the PE coach mobile application on prolonged exposure among veterans with PTSD.
(2023 Feb 8)
Contemp Clin Trials 127(): 107115
Reger GM, Smolenski D, Williams R, Norr AM, Foa E, Kuhn E, Schnurr PP, Weathers F, Zoellner L

FOCUS mHealth Intervention for Veterans With Serious Mental Illness in an Outpatient Department of Veterans Affairs Setting: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Usability Study.
(2022 Jan 28)
JMIR Ment Health 9(1): e26049
Buck B, Nguyen J, Porter S, Ben-Zeev D, Reger GM

Virtual Standardized Patients for Mental Health Education.
(2021 Jul 15)
Curr Psychiatry Rep 23(9): 57
Reger GM, Norr AM, Gramlich MA, Buchman JM

Mobile applications may be the future of veteran mental health support but do veterans know yet? A survey of app knowledge and use.
(2022 Aug)
Psychol Serv 19(3): 480-487
Reger GM, Harned M, Stevens ES, Porter S, Nguyen J, Norr AM

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