Katherine Hoerster

Personal Statement

Dr. Hoerster is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, and a staff psychologist in the VA Puget Sound-Seattle PTSD Outpatient Clinic.  Her research focuses on the influence of socio-cultural and environmental factors on health and health behavior, particularly in the context of psychiatric illness.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in competency-based training that capitalizes on trainees’ unique strengths and skillsets.  I believe that experiential learning is a powerful tool, providing the opportunity for direct observation and feedback, modeling, and bidirectional learning.

Recent Publications

Testing a self-directed lifestyle intervention among veterans: The D-ELITE pragmatic clinical trial.
(2020 May 28)
Contemp Clin Trials 95(): 106045
Hoerster KD, Collins MP, Au DH, Lane A, Epler E, McDowell J, Barón AE, Rise P, Plumley R, Nguyen T, Schooler M, Schuttner L, Ma J

Differences in functional and structural social support among female and male veterans and civilians.
(2020 Apr 6)
Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol
Campbell SB, Gray KE, Hoerster KD, Fortney JC, Simpson TL

Development of a Tailored Behavioral Weight Loss Program for Veterans With PTSD (MOVE!+UP): A Mixed-Methods Uncontrolled Iterative Pilot Study.
(2020 Jul)
Am J Health Promot 34(6): 587-598
Hoerster KD, Tanksley L, Simpson T, Saelens BE, Unützer J, Black M, Greene P, Sulayman N, Reiber G, Nelson K

Research translation for military and veteran health: research, practice, policy.
(2020 Feb 11)
Transl Behav Med
Haibach JP, Hoerster KD, Dorflinger L, McAndrew LM, Cassidy DG, Goodrich DE, Bormann JE, Lowery J, Asch SM, Raffa SD, Moin T, Peterson AL, Goldstein MG, Neal-Walden T, Talcott GW, Hunter CL, Knight SJ

Healthy Teaching Kitchen Programs: Experiential Nutrition Education Across Veterans Health Administration, 2018.
(2019 Dec)
Am J Public Health 109(12): 1718-1721
Black M, LaCroix R, Hoerster K, Chen S, Ritchey K, Souza M, Utech A, Thielke S

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