Mark Sullivan, MD, PhD

Personal Statement

My clinical service and research focuses on the interaction of mental and physical illness, especially in patients with chronic pain or heart disease. Much of my research in the past decade has focused on the risks of treating chronic pain with opioids. I have developed educational programs and outcome tracking tools to assist with opioid treatment of chronic pain. I am interested in expanding the role for the patient in the care of chronic illness and am completing a book on this topic.​


Vanderbilt Univ. Sch. of Medicine Medical education, 1984
Univ. of Missouri Columbia Internship, Family Medicine
UW - Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency, Psychiatry

Department Affiliations

Teaching Philosophy

​I like to have trainees manage patients under my supervision. Trainees need real responsibility to learn and develop management skills.
In didactic sessions, I strive for interaction between myself and trainees. I generally teach in a seminar format centered around case presentations. I expect all trainees to contribute to the discussion and the learning of others.

Recent Publications

Drug repurposing: Misconceptions, challenges, and opportunities for academic researchers.
(2021 Sep 22)
Sci Transl Med 13(612): eabd5524
Begley CG, Ashton M, Baell J, Bettess M, Brown MP, Carter B, Charman WN, Davis C, Fisher S, Frazer I, Gautam A, Jennings MP, Kearney P, Keeffe E, Kelly D, Lopez AF, McGuckin M, Parker MW, Rayner C, Roberts B, Rush JS, Sullivan M

ASHP Statement on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Pharmacy Executive.
(2021 Sep 4)
Am J Health Syst Pharm
Amerine LB, Granko RP, Brummond PW, Calabrese SV, Gullickson KK, Kelley LR, Little JD, Sullivan M

Generation of High-Affinity Aptamer-MIP Hybrid Nanoparticles.
Methods Mol Biol 2359(): 109-121
Sullivan M, Hand R, Turner N

Long-term opioid therapy unsettles us both coming and going.
(2021 Aug 16)
Sullivan MD

Surveillance for low-risk kidney cancer: a narrative review of contemporary worldwide practices.
(2021 Jun)
Transl Androl Urol 10(6): 2762-2786
Cui HW, Sullivan ME

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