Sarah Campbell, PhD

Recent Publications

Limit of detection of troponin discharge strategy versus usual care: randomised controlled trial.
(2020 May 5)
Carlton EW, Ingram J, Taylor H, Glynn J, Kandiyali R, Campbell S, Beasant L, Aziz S, Beresford P, Kendall J, Reuben A, Smith JE, Chapman R, Creanor S, Benger JR

Neighbourhoods as relational places for people living with dementia.
(2020 May)
Soc Sci Med 252(): 112927
Clark A, Campbell S, Keady J, Kullberg A, Manji K, Rummery K, Ward R

Differences in functional and structural social support among female and male veterans and civilians.
(2020 Apr 6)
Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol
Campbell SB, Gray KE, Hoerster KD, Fortney JC, Simpson TL

Identifying PTSD symptom typologies: A latent class analysis.
(2020 Mar)
Psychiatry Res 285(): 112779
Campbell SB, Trachik B, Goldberg S, Simpson TL

Glycemic Control During Gender-Affirming Therapy in a Patient With Type 1 Diabetes.
(2019 Oct)
Clin Diabetes 37(4): 398-400
Campbell SH, Flint KL, Haw JS, Davis GM, Vellanki P

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