Sarah Campbell, PhD

My research broadly seeks to understand the ways in which our social and romantic relationships intersect with physical and mental health. Additionally, I work in treatment development and evaluation with the aim of improving and harnessing social relationships to increase physical and mental wellbeing. I was recently funded by a 5-year Career Development Award through VA HSR&D. This award aims to both improve clinicians’ measurement of social relationships in the context of mental health care and modify and test brief, Primary Care-based interventions for PTSD and social support. In this line of research, I am PI of an HSR&D and VAPS R&D-funded nationwide survey of veterans both with and without PTSD that seeks to collect psychometric and acceptability data on social support instruments for future use in measurement-based care. I am also collaborating with colleagues in HSR&D to develop and test a dyadic intervention for improving health behavior. I am lucky to provide clinical care as a staff psychologist in the PTSD Outpatient Clinic at VA Puget Sound, where I deliver individual, group, and couples treatments for PTSD and provide psychoeducation on trauma and related conditions to loved ones of veterans with PTSD.


PhD, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Post-baccalaureate respecialization in psychology, Columbia University, New York, NY
AB, Brown University, Providence, RI

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Taking time: The temporal politics of dementia, care and support in the neighbourhood.
(2022 Sep 5)
Sociol Health Illn
Ward R, Rummery K, Odzakovic E, Manji K, Kullberg A, Keady J, Clark A, Campbell S

An in-depth look at latent classes of DSM-5 psychiatric comorbidity among individuals with PTSD: Clinical indicators and treatment utilization.
(2022 Aug 16)
J Clin Psychol
Hawn SE, Hawrilenko M, McDowell Y, Campbell S, Garcia NM, Simpson TL

Acoustic and postural displays in a miniature and transparent teleost fish, Danionella dracula.
(2022 Aug 15)
J Exp Biol 225(16):
Tatarsky RL, Guo Z, Campbell SC, Kim H, Fang W, Perelmuter JT, Schuppe ER, Conway KW, Reeve HK, Bass AH

Longitudinal Associations of Global and Daily Support with Marital Status.
Am J Fam Ther 50(3): 280-294
Giff ST, Disabato DD, Renshaw KD, Campbell SB

Caregiver's Perspectives on the Healthcare Experiences of Children With Behaviour-Related Disorders.
(2022 Feb)
Cureus 14(2): e22084
Thevathasan N, Flood KE, Luke A, Campbell SA, Doucet S, Gander S

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