Sarah Campbell, PhD

My research broadly seeks to understand the ways in which our social and romantic relationships intersect with physical and mental health. Additionally, I work in treatment development and evaluation with the aim of improving and harnessing social relationships to increase physical and mental wellbeing. I was recently funded by a 5-year Career Development Award through VA HSR&D. This award aims to both improve clinicians’ measurement of social relationships in the context of mental health care and modify and test brief, Primary Care-based interventions for PTSD and social support. In this line of research, I am PI of an HSR&D and VAPS R&D-funded nationwide survey of veterans both with and without PTSD that seeks to collect psychometric and acceptability data on social support instruments for future use in measurement-based care. I am also collaborating with colleagues in HSR&D to develop and test a dyadic intervention for improving health behavior. I am lucky to provide clinical care as a staff psychologist in the PTSD Outpatient Clinic at VA Puget Sound, where I deliver individual, group, and couples treatments for PTSD and provide psychoeducation on trauma and related conditions to loved ones of veterans with PTSD.


PhD, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Post-baccalaureate respecialization in psychology, Columbia University, New York, NY
AB, Brown University, Providence, RI

Department Affiliations

Recent Publications

Getting lost with dementia: Encounters with the time-space of not knowing.
(2022 Nov)
Health Place 78(): 102940
Ward R, Rummery K, Odzakovic E, Manji K, Kullberg A, Clark A, Campbell S

European survey on valvular heart disease clinical experience from the European Society of Cardiology council on valvular heart disease.
(2022 Sep)
Eur Heart J Open 2(5): oeac054
Sannino A, Campbell S, Grapsa J, Modine T, Barbanti M, Chambers JB, Zamorano JL, Pibarot P, Garbi M, Vannan M, Habib G, Lancellotti P

Taking time: The temporal politics of dementia, care and support in the neighbourhood.
(2022 Nov)
Sociol Health Illn 44(9): 1427-1444
Ward R, Rummery K, Odzakovic E, Manji K, Kullberg A, Keady J, Clark A, Campbell S

An in-depth look at latent classes of DSM-5 psychiatric comorbidity among individuals with PTSD: Clinical indicators and treatment utilization.
(2022 Nov)
J Clin Psychol 78(11): 2214-2244
Hawn SE, Hawrilenko M, McDowell Y, Campbell S, Garcia NM, Simpson TL

Acoustic and postural displays in a miniature and transparent teleost fish, Danionella dracula.
(2022 Aug 15)
J Exp Biol 225(16):
Tatarsky RL, Guo Z, Campbell SC, Kim H, Fang W, Perelmuter JT, Schuppe ER, Conway KW, Reeve HK, Bass AH

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