Real-world Experiences of Alcohol and Cognitions over Time (REACT)

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The overall aim of the REACT Study is to create and assess smartphone-based cognitive tasks to examine how acute alcohol intoxication affects attention. First, we will adapt laboratory-based cognitive tasks for use on smartphones. To maximize usability, feedback will be gathered in rapid prototyping interviews with young adults. Then, we will evaluate the adapted smartphone tasks in two settings: (1) a controlled laboratory session in which young adults are administered a standard dose of alcohol, and (2) real-world drinking experiences over eight weekends, as measured with phone surveys and a wrist-based alcohol biosensor. Findings are expected to clarify the role of alcohol-related attentional narrowing in real-world behaviors. Results will be used to inform the development of just-in-time adaptive interventions to prevent alcohol-related consequences.

Project Period:
September 7, 2022 August 31, 2024

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Seattle/Puget Sound

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Young Adults

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Substance use disorders/misuse