Anna Jaffe, PhD

Dr. Jaffe’s research is focused on responding to the public health problem of sexual assault and co-occurring alcohol misuse by improving understanding of survivors’ experiences and promoting recovery through novel interventions.

Taking an ecological perspective, Dr. Jaffe considers individual factors (e.g., cognitions, stress response), microsystems (e.g., interpersonal interactions, social networks), macrosystems (e.g., societal norms), and chronosystems (e.g., changes over time) that affect survivors’ recovery after sexual assault. Across these systems, she seeks to design and improve clinical interventions that support survivors’ recovery, mitigate post-assault alcohol misuse, and reduce distress.

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Recent Publications

Prospective Predictors of Work Limitations in Young Adult Lesbian and Bisexual Women: An Examination of Minority Stress, Trauma Exposure, and Mental Health.
(2023 May)
Stigma Health 8(2): 232-242
Landes SJ, Jaffe AE, McBain SA, Feinstein BA, Rhew IC, Kaysen DL

A pilot study of the acceptability, efficacy, and iatrogenic effects of a brief dynamic norms intervention for reducing young adult alcohol use.
(2023 Dec)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Hoboken) 47(12): 2331-2342
Graupensperger S, Jaffe AE, Blayney JA, Duckworth JC, Stappenbeck CA

Cannabis to cope with COVID-19 in college.
(2023 Nov 28)
J Am Coll Health
Jaffe AE, Brockdorf AN, Duckworth JC, Blayney JA, Stappenbeck CA

Improving voluntary engagement for posttraumatic stress disorder treatment among active-duty service members using motivational enhancement therapy.
(2023 Oct 12)
Psychol Trauma
Walker DD, Walton TO, Jaffe AE, Graupensperger S, Rhew IC, Kaysen D

Sexual Decision Making When Intoxicated: Women's Reasons for and Against Having Sex in a Laboratory-Based Scenario.
(2024 May-Jun)
J Sex Res 61(5): 767-782
Jaffe AE, Blayney JA, Jones HR, Stappenbeck CA, George WH, Davis KC

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