Anna Jaffe, PhD

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College students' virtual and in-person drinking contexts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
(2022 Nov)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 46(11): 2089-2102
Hultgren BA, Smith-LeCavalier KN, Canning JR, Jaffe AE, Kim IS, Cegielski VI, Garcia TA, Larimer ME

Cognitive Processing Therapy or Relapse Prevention for comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder: A randomized clinical trial.
PLoS One 17(11): e0276111
Simpson TL, Kaysen DL, Fleming CB, Rhew IC, Jaffe AE, Desai S, Hien DA, Berliner L, Donovan D, Resick PA

Mindful Awareness Promotes Resilience: Buffered Links Among Childhood Sexual Abuse Severity, Goal-Directed Emotion Dysregulation, and Psychopathology.
(2022 Apr)
Mindfulness (N Y) 13(4): 993-1006
Kumar SA, Brockdorf AN, Jaffe AE, Church HR, Messman TL, DiLillo D

Implicit trauma identity associations in treatment-seeking U.S. military personnel do not predict or change in response to cognitive processing therapy for PTSD.
(2022 Sep 29)
Psychol Trauma
Lindgren KP, Jaffe AE, Kaysen D, Teachman BA, Young-McCaughan S, Peterson AL, Resick PA, Wachen JS

Alcohol Use Before Sexual Violence and Cognitive Appraisals: Differential Associations With Barriers to Help-Seeking.
(2022 Aug 9)
Violence Against Women
Brockdorf AN, Holland KJ, Kumar SA, Jaffe AE, DiLillo D

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