Anna Jaffe, PhD

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A formative evaluation of a web-based intervention for women with a sexual assault history and heavy alcohol use.
(2021 Feb 25)
Psychol Trauma
Gulati NK, Blayney JA, Jaffe AE, Kaysen D, Stappenbeck CA

Antecedents, concurrent correlates, and potential consequences of young adult solitary alcohol use.
(2021 Jan 28)
Psychol Addict Behav
Fleming CB, Mason WA, Stevens AL, Jaffe AE, Cadigan JM, Rhew IC, Lee CM

Daily relationships between posttraumatic stress symptoms, drinking motives, and alcohol consumption in trauma-exposed sexual minority women.
(2020 Oct 8)
Psychol Addict Behav
Dworkin ER, Jaffe AE, Fitzpatrick S, Rhew IC, Kaysen D

Managing post-sexual assault suicide risk.
(2020 Oct)
Arch Womens Ment Health 23(5): 673-679
Gilmore AK, Ward-Ciesielski EF, Smalling A, Limowski AR, Hahn CK, Jaffe AE

Discussing substance use with clients during the COVID-19 pandemic: A motivational interviewing approach.
(2020 Aug)
Psychol Trauma 12(S1): S115-S117
Walker DD, Jaffe AE, Pierce AR, Walton TO, Kaysen DL

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