Anna Jaffe, PhD

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Recent Publications

Sexual Victimization Among Sexual and Gender Minoritized Groups: Recent Research and Future Directions.
(2023 May)
Curr Psychiatry Rep 25(5): 183-191
Blayney JA, Jaffe AE, Hequembourg AL, Parrott DJ

Friends-Based Protective Strategies and Unwanted Sexual Experiences: A Daily Diary Examination of First Year College Women.
(2022 Jun)
Psychol Women Q 46(2): 162-175
Blayney JA, Jenzer T, Jaffe AE, Carroll Q, Read JP

Social support and treatment utilization for posttraumatic stress disorder: Examining reciprocal relations among active duty service members.
(2023 Feb 2)
J Trauma Stress
Jaffe AE, Walton TO, Walker DD, Kaysen DL

Is the Risk for Sexual Revictimization Cumulative? A Prospective Examination.
(2023 Mar-Apr)
Womens Health Issues 33(2): 208-214
Jaffe AE, Brockdorf AN, Messman TL, Gratz KL, DiLillo D

Does Effectiveness of a Brief Substance Use Treatment Depend on PTSD? An Evaluation of Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Active-Duty Army Personnel.
(2022 Nov)
J Stud Alcohol Drugs 83(6): 924-933
Kaysen D, Jaffe AE, Shoenberger B, Walton TO, Pierce AR, Walker DD

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