Jessica A. Blayney, PhD

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An event-level evaluation of women's self-medicated drinking: The role of sexual assault severity, affect, and drinking motives.
(2022 May 26)
Psychol Trauma
Stappenbeck CA, Jaffe AE, Blayney JA, Kirwan M, George WH, Davis KC

Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Young Adults: A Scoping Review of Prevalence, Patterns, Psychosocial Correlates, and Consequences.
Alcohol Res 42(1): 08
Lee CM, Calhoun BH, Abdallah DA, Blayney JA, Schultz NR, Brunner M, Patrick ME

Examination of Sex-Related Distress and Self-Medication Drinking Model in U.S. College Women.
(2022 Nov-Dec)
J Sex Res 59(9): 1192-1200
Bird ER, Stappenbeck CA, Blayney J, Kaysen D, George WH

The role of perceived social norms in college student vaccine hesitancy: Implications for COVID-19 prevention strategies.
(2022 Mar 15)
Vaccine 40(12): 1888-1895
Jaffe AE, Graupensperger S, Blayney JA, Duckworth JC, Stappenbeck CA

Prepartying and incapacitated rape: Is drinking a risk factor or an outcome?
(2022 Mar)
Alcohol Clin Exp Res 46(3): 447-457
Jaffe AE, Blayney JA, Graupensperger S, Cooper R, Larimer ME

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