Affective Dynamics Associated with Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use Outcomes among a High-risk Sample of Young Adults

Project Type(s):

The proposed F32 aims to conduct a secondary analysis of time-intensive daily data (MPIs: Lee/Patrick; R01AA025037) to elucidate the roles of affect and affective dynamics on simultaneous alcohol and marijuana (SAM) use outcomes among a sample of high-risk adults (N = 409). We will test whether theoretically-relevant affective dynamic processes (affective instability, negative emotion differentiation): (1) are more useful for predicting SAM use and alcohol use than mean level of affect (within- and between-subjects); (2) prospectively predict changes in SAM use and use-related problems over time; and (3) can distinguish SAM use from single substance use patterns, which has direct implications for the personalization and precision of prevention and intervention efforts.

Project Period:
July 16, 2021 July 15, 2024

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Geographic Area(s):
University of Washington

Patient Population(s):
Young Adults

Targeted Condition(s):
General Mental Well-Being, Substance use disorders/misuse